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  1. Carsen

    Denarius v2.5.2

    Denarius v2.5.2 -Added a splash screen upon closing the QT wallet -Masternode UI improvements! You can now utilize the "My Masternode" tab in the QT wallet to manage your masternodes visually! -Added the **"-mnconflock" option** (default is locked mnconflock=1) to lock masternode collateral -Masternodes with coins locked with this option will be able to now **stake rewards** without worrying about staking the masternode vin/input -Watch Only Inputs now no longer show in Coin Control -Balance issues were fixed, this was due to how Staking balances were displayed before in the QT, you should no longer see your balances changing like they did before. -Masternode List now refreshes faster -Added **"fetchbalance"** RPC command, to fetch all balances (total, stake, stakeable, unconfirmed, immature, locked, unlocked, and watch only) -More QT Wallet improvements overall -Added **UTXO Splitting Tool** to Coin Control (You can now create Unspent Transaction Outputs in the QT) -Added Selected Amount to the Transactions tab, you can now select multiple TXs and find out the total in the QT Additional Notes: The My Masternodes Tab now works - use it to add your masternode configuration via the GUI if you're not comfortable with the masternode.conf editing. This tab will auto-load anything you have configured in masternode.conf already, and show each one of your masternodes & their online status. Masternode collateral is now locked by default and will not show in coin control. Balances now display differently: The "Stake" balance has been removed and is now part of "Immature" balance which will show any immature balances from both coins that staked or newly minted coins from your wallet. A new "Available for Stake" balance has been added which shows the total amount of coins in your wallet which are mature enough to be used for staking. Coins which are locked for masternode collateral are now listed seperately in a "Locked" balance The 'Spendable' balance now only shows coins that you can actually spend - i.e. your total balance minus immature and locked coins Watch only balances will now show immature coins as well These balances are all available for your external usage via a new RPC command 'fetchbalance' Locked masternode collateral will no longer stake, meaning you can turn on your staking in the QT 'cold' wallet. Staking will then auto-combine the multiple inputs you get from masternode payments into one larger amount, keeping down the size/complexity of your wallet file. Coin Control has been updated and will no longer show watch only balances or the masternode collateral, and you can now safely use automatic sending to send your 'Spendable' balance to a single address without breaking any of your masternode collateral inputs, you can now also utilize the UTXO Splitting Tool to split and create UTXOs for use with atomic swaps Get Denarius v2.5.2 for your OS here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v2.5.2
  2. Carsen

    How to get a custom DNR Adress?

    You want to grab the VanityGen Plus from here: https://github.com/exploitagency/vanitygen-plus/releases You can then use it to generate custom Denarius addresses There is also this older guide for DNR addresses:
  3. Carsen

    Denarius Tweet

  4. Carsen

    Shopping with Denarius

    They want $15,000 a month to provide their services for Denarius. So I would rather we focus on making some open source plugins for merchants ourselves. Currently we already have a WP-Ecommerce plugin available for Denarius payments and I am working on CryptoWoo Denarius payments and a WooCommerce plugin.
  5. Carsen

    coins suddenly disappeared :(

    You want to be running v2.5, there is currently a known cosmetic balance bug issue if you are staking coins. This has been addressed and will be fixed in the upcoming update v2.5.2 If you are fully synced and running v2.5, you can run the commands repairwallet or scanwalletfortxns If you are having trouble syncing, make sure you grab the latest v2.5 nodes from https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dnr/#!network and if you get stuck, remove your old chaindata from your Denarius data directory.
  6. Carsen

    Sync Denarius FAST! Any OS [Chaindata.zip]

    Grab our latest v2.5 wallet, a lot of these issues were resolved!
  7. Carsen

    Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    All of the above issues that were reported with syncing and lag were fixed! Download and grab Denarius v2.5! (You will sync much faster now)
  8. Denarius v2.5 - Mandatory Update Mandatory Update Denarius v2.5! -Protocol Update (25213 now) -Removed Litemode -Removed Trading API (May add back in, in a future update) -Reworked threading for Masternodes -Removed Darksend (We want to bring a better privacy method of sending coins in Denarius, hence the removal of Darksend, we are currently looking into potentially integrating libzerocoin in a future release.) -Removed Instantx -Optimized Keypool -General Optimization and Fixes -Forced port 9999 for mainnet masternodes and 19999 for testnet -Updated Watch Only Addresses/Support -Optimized Syncing Speeds (Improved to around 200-400 blocks per second vs. old 3 blocks per second) -Optimized Wallet -Fixed sending transactions with a narration -Added Watch Only balances in QT if any watch only addresses are available -Added the ignoring of staking inputs for exact amounts of 5,000 DNR for masternodes -Updated the listtransactions RPC command to provide vout information -Old Nodes will no longer connect to our current protocol of 25213 after block 900,000, so ensure that you are updated to v2.5 on all of your Denarius and denariusd nodes before block 900,000. If you have a node running do the following to update it: ./denariusd stop && cd .. && git pull && cd src && make clean && make -f makefile.unix Grab Denarius v2.5 from here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/ The latest v2.5 code is now merged into our master branch as well, for a quick git pull update!
  9. Carsen

    MANDATORY Update Coming!

    A mandatory update will be coming to Denarius soon! EVERYONE will need to update their nodes/masternodes/wallets/exchanges/pools/explorers/etc.
  10. Carsen

    Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Try using the command repairwallet in your Console or scanforalltxns also you could use validateaddress <youraddress> to validate you own that wallet address in that wallet.
  11. Carsen

    What do you want to see?

    You can grab our chaindata.zip anytime from our Gitlab, it is updated roughly every 6 hours or so. Staking by default is set to enabled. If you want to disable staking you want to add staking=0 to your denarius.conf Direct Link: https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip
  12. Carsen

    Current DNR Markets / Exchanges

    https://denariusexplorer.org/tx/74605086ea57b0d9ead694bfb1a3a064256c2009edc7ae9c1846a75f12731a23 The txid exists, so maybe update the wallet to the latest version that is receiving it? v2.0.5.0 is latest release.
  13. TradeSatoshi probably did not update their wallet, they did have sufficient timing to update. So more than likely coins could be lost there, so do not send to their wallets until they make an update. Cryptopia/CoinExchange/TradeOgre and SouthXChange have all confirmed to have the latest wallets and deposits/withdrawals are working properly.