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    • Seems mostly resolved now. I think there was a wifi connectivity issue on my end.   strike that. Internet outage was just a contributing factor.
    • I have no affiliation to mynode.rocks. Since we don't hodl the private keys we are also giving up quite a bit to use a shared masternode provider. Use your best judgement on this one. Now onto the guide. https://mynode.rocks/#/masternodes/detail/10 To run your own DNR Masternode, 5000 DNR is required. A shared masternode allows someone with just 10 DNR to share in the Masternode rewards. Please read their descriptions on the site for how this works with deposits and withdraws. Register, confirm email, and relogin. First click Masternodes at the top and then select Denarius [DNR].   Then click the + sign next to Total for our first deposit. You want to send in increments of 10 DNR as that's how much 1 seat costs on the shared Masternode.   If you do not have an address already it will ask you to create one. Once created send your DNR over. The process takes 20 confirms total.   Once 20 confirms are done, click under In Queue to reserve  your seat. Again you need increments of 10 DNR per seat.   Add however many seats you want, click save, and wait for the total 5000 DNR to be in the queue for the shared Masternode to be created.  
    • There is also litemode now that you can enable on a QT wallet that will disable masternode features, you should see a performance increase. We are aware of the syncing issues though and are working on trying to get them fixed/optimized. You can also grab the latest chaindata.zip from here (usually updated every 6 hours or so): https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip
    • You could try installing the latest wallet Also you can go to 'debug' menu option command line and type in 'repairwallet'. Then close the wallet and reopen and see if that helps. I had the problem you're having yesterday and the above seemed to fix it.
    • Hi, My wallet was synced and running fine yesterday, today it seems stuck and wont sync. Going backwards. Currently says 1934 blocks remaining but number is going up. I have tried rebooting, can't seem to get it. V 2.0, win 10. thanks
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