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    • I'm Tim, from the New England area in the US. Just started into the mining business after a few nights of talking about various investment ideas with my dad. We each have a machine at our house and are runnning a gtx 1060 6gb. Still learning a lot every day but it's a fun project that I hope to be able pay off debt and make some extra money with when Denarius takes off through the roof in the future.
    • So I decided to fork the PHP repo https://github.com/chelahmy/BitcoinECDSA.php Enjoy!!!!
    • Actually Denarius only made a simple change in the original Bitcoin code by replacing const string strMessageMagic = "Bitcoin Signed Message:\n"; with const string strMessageMagic = "Denarius Signed Message:\n"; In fact, the verification process ignores address prefix. Thus, any Bitcoin or Bitcoin-based Altcoin can also use the same code to verify its signed messages by just setting the proper strMessageMagic. Anyway, I'll maintain my GitHub repo as dnrverify and keep highlighting Denarius.  Another thing, both the PHP repos above can actually verify Denarius signed messages. However, they hard-coded the strMessageMagic, and just replacing it with "Denarius" simply doesn't work because of the following original Bitcoin code CDataStream ss(SER_GETHASH, 0); ss << strMessageMagic; ss << strMessage; where each time a string is appended to the ss the internal data structure keeps it as string length + string. Thus, the final data will be strMessageMagic length + strMessageMagic + strMessage length + strMessage. Both the PHP repos above  implement something like the following $messageHash = hash('sha256', hash('sha256', "\x18Bitcoin Signed Message:\n" . numToVarIntString(strlen($message)).$message, true), true); The "\x18" is actually the length of "Bitcoin Signed Message:\n" which can be calculated with the following function numToVarIntString(strlen("Bitcoin Signed Message:\n")) "Denarius Signed Message:\n" is just one byte longer and can be pasted as "\x19Denarius Signed Message:\n". Hence, the technique of that link https://crypto.stackexchange.com/a/18106 is valid for Denarius and Bitcoin-based Altcoins. However, the modular arithmetic technique in Bitcoin code is more efficient.  I'm going to patch one of the PHP repo.
    • Here are my thoughts on these points. Whales are almost present on every coin, it matters not if the coin implements masternodes or not, the whale could in theory decide to dump their entire stash, but why would they? Partial dumping maybe, but dumping the entire stash is very unlike in my opinion. This is true of hosting regular nodes as well to some degree. Again, true for both masternodes and regular nodes. True some might be faced with this dilemma. But if there are for instance 200 nodes, chances are that not everyone will liquidate their nodes collateral at once. I have no experience in the legal part of crypto, but will say this; Chances are that even if one country decides to ban masternode tech, other countries will allow it, so it is simply a matter of moving the masternode hosting to one of those countries. Same as above. Not sure this is has to be a bad thing. Descicions regarding masternodes are like walking on a knifes edge. Too much collateral required means not much decentralization, too little collateral and masternodes will probably pop up on less than able hardware making DoS attacks easy. Also, the more DNR collateral is required to run a masternode, the less DNR is on the market meaning less selling pressure.  Too high a reward and miners will complain about losing too much revenue but will incentivize masternode operators to keep running their masternode. Too small a reward and masternode operators might decide that running their node is not profitable enough, thus making them shut down their node and sell off their collateral. I have previously suggested making the collateral 2000-3000 DNR. This is just off the top of my head, but let me know what you guys thoughts are.
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