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    Hi, have some trouble with buildig qt-wallet. (Ubuntu 16.04 64): After "make" I receive the following Errormessage: .src/tor/address.h: In function ‘tor_addr_to_mapped_ipv4h’: src/tor/torcompat.h:548:37: error: ‘const struct in6_addr’ has no member named ‘s6_addr32’ #define S6_ADDR32(x) ((uint32_t*)(x).s6_addr32) ^ src/tor/address.h:126:35: note: in expansion of macro ‘S6_ADDR32’ #define tor_addr_to_in6_addr32(x) S6_ADDR32(*tor_addr_to_in6_assert(x)) ^ src/tor/address.h:153:14: note: in expansion of macro ‘tor_addr_to_in6_addr32’ addr32 = tor_addr_to_in6_addr32(a); ^ Makefile:8626: die Regel für Ziel „build/hs_cache.o“ scheiterte make: *** [build/hs_cache.o] Fehler 1 Can someone help?
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