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    • Currently on testnet. Grin ANN
      https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5090427 Grin Gold Miner
      https://github.com/mozkomor/GrinGoldMiner Grab the latest GrinGold Windows miner here https://github.com/mozkomor/GrinGoldMiner/releases Also download and install https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download
      Unzip the miner to your typical miner directory and run the .exe. Run the miner with  .\GrinGoldMinerCLI Fill in your details and get to mining. Denarius!
    • This is awesome, thank you! Once a new wallet address is created on VPS for staking, how would you go about withdrawing/sending tokens from that address via VPS? 
    • Start QT wallet. https://github.com/bitjetcoin/bitjetcoin/releases/tag/1.0 Settings -> Options -> Open Configuration File If not there create bitcoin.conf in your appdata/roaming/bitcoinjet folder Put this line in the .conf file. Example is solo wallet is on address, that goes in rpcbind. Then rpcallowip would be rpcuser=user rpcpassword=pass rpcbind=192.168.x.xx:8777 rpcallowip=192.168.x.1/24 server=1 Then go to receive tab, and at label type mining, then click request payment. This will be your mining coinbase address. Restart the QT so it takes the new settings from the .conf file. https://github.com/brian112358/nevermore-miner/releases Now go to your nevermore ccminer directory and create a .bat file like below. The ip address is whatever IP address your QT wallet is running from. Coinbase address is the address from request payment. :mine ccminer.exe  -a x16r -o -u user -p pass -i 19 --no-longpoll --no-getwork --no-stratum --coinbase-addr=3K5Apw8Z4cxY1qAmOLAoEhaEvffhJbSCS ping -n 30  goto :mine  
    • Mandatory Update, All nodes, services, and wallets must update to v3.3.3 -Protocol upgrade to 31005, FortunaStakes will transition to 31005 after block 1.5m
      -Our blockchain is now stable, this release is stable (v3.3.3)
      -Many improvements and bug fixes to our custom Fair Payment System (FSFPS)
      -GUI Improvements for FortunaStakes
      -Overall wallet optimization, HUGE Performance boost.
      -New Fortuna Stake Icon in QT
      -New features,statistics, and improvements to Fortuna Stakes in QT and daemon
      -Overall syncing improvements for syncing and once synced.
      -Added more checkpoints
      -Staking Icon is now fixed to show green when staking in the QT UI
      -Nodes require a heartbeat as well as timespan to be an active node
      -Pruned Paydata to prevent overpayments
      -Fixed Reorg Loops and overall reorgs
      -Fixes to the Syncing Bar in the QT UI
      -Fixed several possible conditions for de-sync on nodes.
      -Improved the readability of the My Fortunastake tab   You can get Denarius v3.3.3 from the links below: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.3.3 https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.3/Denarius-v3.3.3-Win64.zip https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.3/Denarius-v3.3.3-macOS.dmg https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.3/denariusd-v333-ubuntu1604.tar.gz
    • Extra D Tip If you are up for the task. On your vps, add staking=1 to denarius.conf, restart wallet, then denariusd getnewaddress Send a little amount so your VPS wallet is staking, even 1 D will do something over time.
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