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Denarius Chart Contest!

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Hello everybody!

Welcome to the new Denarius Contest! This contest is all about making a professional, well designed, and technical chart for Denarius transactions per second.

The focus of the chart should be the amount of transactions per second that Denarius and other coins can handle.

It will be up to you to figure out the technical math of the transaction speeds per second of other coins such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. and then compare it in a chart with Denarius (which I do believe it is 150 tps, but please do the math to ensure this is a correct technical number).

The chart must be professionally designed or created, it must look clean and sleek.

The winner of this contest will win 100 DNR, the two runner ups will win 50 DNR

The contest will end on Aug 3rd 10:00pm UTC Time.

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Finally i finish my table for this contest.

I dig into explorer, and chain,...etc and i extract some data to create and calculate the requierem. 

This data are average of real data input

I will upload photo here, and in a few minute, i will upload charts as well.


Hope data is correct.



BTW:  sometimes less is better






The DATA from table, was taken from blockchains, explorer, ...etc as a real values and average value, for a period of time, NOT A MAXIMUM POSSIBILITY 


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Here is my very not production ready chart, along with the data I used to make it.

Note that I gave DASH an advantage, since they are switching to 2MB blocks in September.

Also note that I assume that each transaction only includes one input and one output, which is a naive approach, since that requires that the fee + amount sent to the receiving address is the same as the value of the input, which is rarely will be. But still, having the same tx size for all coins makes comparison easier. 

ALSO note, that I have no idea of how to look up the excact blocksize of coins based off new style bitcoin source code, which is why BTC, BCH and DASH have blocksizes which are probably some bytes away from the correct number.. 



And here is the chart (feel free to laugh xD)


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The winners of the contest are:

@hossagno 1st Place!

@KawaiiCrypto 2nd Place!

@djuvantebit 3rd Place!

I went off which chart looked the best and had the most accuracy with the metrics. @KawaiiCrypto got the most accurate, while @hossagno got the most well designed!

Congratulations to everyone that participated! If you did, send me a PM for 10 DNRB|

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