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Denarius Wallet - nice to have features

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tinchopf    5

Hello everybody,

Just opening this topic for us to tell which features we would like to be included in the wallet, consolidate and track them.


- Portable wallet

- Improved staking information

- Wallet backup schedule

- GUI configuration for .conf file

- Node management + automatically update node list

- More accessible coin per address information

- Improve readability of coin control feature

-  RPC call to get current price data in both BTC and USD (forward from http://denarius.io/dnrusd.php and http://denarius.io/dnrbtc.php)

- RPC call to allow the sending of coins from a specific address


Feel free to add your ideas and i will update this post

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hossagno    51

Is an auto back-up on closing the wallet possible if u predefine a couple of locations on various drives on your PC? I back-up my wallet to two different drives daily but I'm wondering if this can be automated or is rather a risk for ruining your wallet.dat file in case it backs up a broken wallet.

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