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Localhost Jupiter Upload Setup Guide (IPFS)

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Download Denarius Wallet

Install IPFS (locally or vps)

Ubuntu (AMD64)
Find latest here - https://dist.ipfs.io/#go-ipfs

wget https://dist.ipfs.io/go-ipfs/v0.4.22/go-ipfs_v0.4.22_linux-amd64.tar.gz
tar xvfz go-ipfs_v0.4.22_linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd go-ipfs
sudo ./install.sh
ipfs version

#start ipfs node and take note of your IPFS node ID

ipfs init

#example output

initializing IPFS node at /home/travanx/.ipfs
generating 2048-bit RSA keypair...done
peer identity: QmNyud5DGEmkBGYcV4QA69JHiTuWLU6EkStpviddZTgiag
to get started, enter:

    ipfs cat /ipfs/QmS4ustL54uo8FzR9455qaxZwuMiUhyvMcX9Ba8nUH4uVv/readme

#try reading the readme

ipfs cat /ipfs/QmS4ustL54uo8FzR9455qaxZwuMiUhyvMcX9Ba8nUH4uVv/readme

#start IPFS service

ipfs daemon



if you want to specify your IPFS server and its not local add


To upload a file
#example command to upload using daemon or QT from debug console, other use the Jupiter tab in the QT

jupiterupload /home/USERNAME/Downloads/denarius-256.png

Carsen uploaded the below image using localhost, then turned off his localhost IPFS server and because Denarius is amazing the file still shows up.


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