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How to Build Denarius Cryptocurrency Snap

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How to build denarius cryptocurrency in snapcraft. I used Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic as the OS for this process, but the build is done in 16.04 Xenial.



We are going to build in LXD, which I ended up using a combination of the below guides.


Install LXD from snap

sudo snap install lxd

initialize LXD (I used all the default settings)

sudo lxd init

Give permissions so we can run without root

sudo usermod -a -G lxd ${USER}

Bring the setting through

newgrp lxd

Building Manually in Xenial

lxc launch ubuntu:16.04 mysnapcraft

Bring your snapcraft.yaml in from your PC and bring into LDX

lxc file push snap/snapcraft.yaml mysnapcraft/home/ubuntu/

Open up a shell and install snapcraft

lxc exec mysnapcraft -- /bin/bash 
snap install snapcraft --classic

Lets build our snapcraft.yaml

cd /home/ubuntu
snapcraft prime

You will get a file like this


Bring the snap into your PC, open up another terminal and type below and stay on that terminal for the remaining.

sudo lxc file pull mysnapcraft/home/ubuntu/denarius_master_amd64.snap denarius_master_amd64.snap

Install the snap

sudo snap install denarius_master_amd64.snap --dangerous

Run denarius QT


Should be ready to mess around with this.



Join Denarius Discord - https://discord.gg/JQEmXwb

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