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Denarius v3.3.9.1

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Denarius v3.3.9.1 Release Notes

Get it here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.3.9.1

  • Added ARM/ARM64 Architecture Build Support, You can now build denariusd or Denarius-QT on Raspberry Pis, nanoPi NEOs, ODROIDs, and other ARM platform SoC and devices. This will continually be improved upon and adds a new makefile.arm for compiling on these platforms (1GB of RAM is recommended to run denariusd)
  • New "USE_NATIVETOR=-" flag while compiling Denarius-QT or denariusd, You can now compile without the Tor Library with Denarius, provides greater platform build support for D
  • Denarius-QT Wallet Optimizations, The wallet now runs much faster overall and better responsiveness
  • Added Estimated EUR (Euro) Balance to Overview page in QT
  • Fixed QT Tab Status Texts
  • Fixed and Optimized Staking Icon in QT Wallet
  • Added Travis Building for ease of development workflow
  • Added Snapcraft.yaml for future Snap App Store Support on many Linux Distros (Currrently WIP)
  • Updated README to include Travis statistics and Snap Building
  • listtransactions RPC Command was fixed to show received PoS Fortuna Stake rewards properly
  • Updated denariusubuntuqt.sh and added installd.sh for ease of building Denarius QT and denariusd on Linux platforms (These will be deprecated in the future in favor of Snapcraft/Snap)
  • Updated QT to display more Recent Transactions on Overview
  • Overall optimizations and updates relating to syncing and initial blockchain download. Fixes some segfaults.
  • Added tinyformat.h header for access to tfm formatting
  • C++11 is now supported
  • Fixed Staking Icon when wallet is unlocked for staking only
  • Syncing is now roughly 100x faster on all platforms
  • Added new seed nodes for D
  • Use of null pointers for some invalid return values throughout the QT client. (macOS Mainly)
  • More debug code for Ring Signatures (WIP for v3.4)
  • Thanks to CircuitBreaker, denarius.conf is now created automatically for out of the box configuration

Denarius-v3.3.9.1-Win64.zip Hashes:

SHA256: CD4867B8EBC78E816CD6B8F58350FD4F2D188577B28317C71D74AC3AD8F263B6
SHA1: B37D3C62DCED18E5CEEF3BB928CC88811CFB3756

Denarius.exe (v3.3.9.1 From Win64.zip) Hashes:

SHA256: 95688F3BF14AD14AD6FBE961A4D901A24F7218888A0D076419A3ECC545DA202E
SHA1: CAFA9209F384F4A9B9A25C6C471C7B15B1E2778E
CRC64: 1D5C587587FFA8C7

Denarius-v3.3.9.1.dmg (macOS) Hashes:

SHA256: 3B47382D461D66A699DB8D1154CFCF4310EEFA8417438AD787912F40827F844A
SHA1: F5B26AED93890F463E35537706728C605B98E9A5
CRC64: 9103CA82DE2239B9

chaindata2022527.zip Hashes:

SHA256: 6D63BD068AEB06EDBCFB5CFBC1A082C0E9438041722AF17A2E567E48C838AB87
SHA1: 838F6345B1965DC33DD80CAB01252444E3E51471
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