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How to Run denariusd Wallet Deamon [Docker]

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Docker can be used to run a denariusd wallet daemon. It can also run multple FortunaStakes very easily. No need to mess with compiling or downloading binaries. My github has some basics for the docker image I created.


First install docker on ubuntu. Don't forget to usermod your user account to run docker commands without using sudo.

Once docker-ce is running lets grab my docker image.

docker run --name=denariusd --rm -t -v ~/.denarius:/data -P buzzkillb/denariusd

First thing we notice is that we need a denarius.conf in the ~/.denarius folder. Lets make one with what we need.

nano ~/.denarius/denarius.conf

Save and now run the above command again.

docker run --name=denariusd --rm -t -v ~/.denarius:/data -P buzzkillb/denariusd

Was that easy or what? Now to run this in the background add -d flag.

docker run --name=denariusd --rm -t -d -v ~/.denarius:/data -P buzzkillb/denariusd

With the output not being shown. Lets watch the printtoconsole lines in the docker container.

docker logs denariusd -f

To list all your containers.

docker ps

To stop your container.

docker stop denariusd

You can run more than 1 container of denariusd, example below

docker run --name=FS01 --rm -t -d -v ~/FS01:/data -P buzzkillb/denariusd

Have fun!

Join Denarius Discord - https://discord.gg/JQEmXwb

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