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Denarius v3.3.3 - Mandatory Update

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Mandatory Update, All nodes, services, and wallets must update to v3.3.3

-Protocol upgrade to 31005, FortunaStakes will transition to 31005 after block 1.5m
-Our blockchain is now stable, this release is stable (v3.3.3)
-Many improvements and bug fixes to our custom Fair Payment System (FSFPS)
-GUI Improvements for FortunaStakes
-Overall wallet optimization, HUGE Performance boost.
-New Fortuna Stake Icon in QT
-New features,statistics, and improvements to Fortuna Stakes in QT and daemon
-Overall syncing improvements for syncing and once synced.
-Added more checkpoints
-Staking Icon is now fixed to show green when staking in the QT UI
-Nodes require a heartbeat as well as timespan to be an active node
-Pruned Paydata to prevent overpayments
-Fixed Reorg Loops and overall reorgs
-Fixes to the Syncing Bar in the QT UI
-Fixed several possible conditions for de-sync on nodes.
-Improved the readability of the My Fortunastake tab


You can get Denarius v3.3.3 from the links below:





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