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Multisig - QT Wallet

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Work in progress, trying to see exactly how this works as I write this up. If you don't know what you are doing, use tiny amounts to test with.

File -> Multisig

Create Address

Enter the public key for each address to sign.


If the address is in your wallet you can select this icon. You can add the other party's address to your address book by adding their address to your watch list. Otherwise you need their public key.


In my example I chose 3 addresses from my own address book, and using 2/3 required signatures.


Address is now created, also gets labelled multisig in the wallet.

Spend Funds

Now send a small amount to test to the address created.

Check the transaction tab or explorer https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR for transaction ID. After putting the transaction ID in, pick the output with the amount sent, and the redeem script automatically filled in for me.


Send to an address and also create a change address for the difference.


Click Create, Click Sign and send transaction.


I need to test this with someone elses wallet address next.

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