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[Mining] Zergpool and Sniffdog

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Latest Sniffdog Miner Download

After downloading and unzipping, go into the directory and copy and paste the startsniffin_Zergpool_Bitcoin.bat and rename to startsniffin_Zergpool_Denarius.bat

Edit the .bat to show something like this.

powershell -version 5.0 -noexit -executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle maximized -command "&.\SniffDogBitcoin.ps1 -StatsInterval 1 -Username Tyredas -Workername Beeboop -RigName Sniffdog001 -Currency USD -Passwordcurrency DNR -interval 120 -Delay 1 -Wallet DBuzzkiLLrF4aTeSbYGWUD9bxKhud9DSiV -Location US -PoolName zergpool -Type nvidia -Algorithm blake2s,Lyra2RE2,skunk,x17,skein,Nist5,phi,neoscrypt,c11,xevan,tribus,lyra2z,timetravel,sib,hsr,keccakc,x16r,hmq1725,yescryptr16,yescrypt,M7M,x16s -Donate 5

Change -Passwordcurrency BTC to -Passwordcurrency DNR
Change wallet to your DNR Wallet Address
I changed -Type nvidia,cpu to -Type nvidia

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Great Idea!


X17 works normally best from my experience (and actual numbers) at Zergpool. So If you don't mind I'll add another tutorial for Nvidia GPU's (on Windows).


Download ccminer-alexis-1.0 

Link: http://cryptomining-blog.com/wp-content/download/ccminer-alexis-1.0-windows.zip

Unzip to your desired location.

Create Batch File in the same folder looking like this:

ccminer.exe -a x17 -i 20 -o stratum+tcp://x17.mine.zergpool.com:3738 -u YOUR-DENARIUS-ADRESS -p c=DNR


Take down your (hard) OC timings a bit and start Batch File.



Good Luck and Enjoy!


Your cards will be cooler than usual. Powerbill down. Especially with GTX 900's Maxwell GPU's.


P.S.: X16r also normally works well at Zergpool.

Phi too.


Edited by ehri
Take down OC timings if it crashes.
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Since some people still have some scrypt miners laying around. Here is a bat for the USB Moon Landers to autoconvert into DNR.

@echo off
start bfgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://scrypt.mine.zergpool.com:3433 -u DENARIUSWALLETADDRESS -p c=DNR -S MLD:all --set MLD:clock=600
timeout /t 5400 >null
taskkill /f /im bfgminer.exe >nul
goto loop


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