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coins suddenly disappeared :(

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lost coins 142 dnr, last week I did not create any translations
, updated the purse with the latest version did not help: (who knows what to do, help please

with the old version, the balance was also reset, synchronization also hung, with the update to the new version the situation did not change
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You want to be running v2.5, there is currently a known cosmetic balance bug issue if you are staking coins. This has been addressed and will be fixed in the upcoming update v2.5.2

If you are fully synced and running v2.5, you can run the commands




If you are having trouble syncing, make sure you grab the latest v2.5 nodes from https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dnr/#!network and if you get stuck, remove your old chaindata from your Denarius data directory.

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