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QT Wallet (Windows) using TOR

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Not working right yet.

How to connect QT Wallet (Windows) to TOR nodes.

Add the following to your denarius.conf in %appdata%/Denarius/ (Windows)

  1. Note: Tor may use port 9150 instead (e.g. for the browser bundle). If the above doesn't work, change the port to 9150 and try again.

  2. Remove any addnode= lines to non-Tor (non-"onion") addresses.

  3. Run a Tor client such as the Tor daemon (e.g. tor.exe from the "expert bundle" at https://www.torproject.org/download/download).

Run tor.exe from the expert bundle above first, then open QT wallet.

Now your wallet's node IP will be hidden at all times through the Tor network.


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