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I was looking at the peers earlier and see 62 right now. https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dnr/#!network Does having 100-200 masternodes hurt or help the network?

Who says 1 person running more than 1 MN puts them all in the same data center? Someone running 2 masternodes can afford the cost to run 2 VPS's in different parts of the world. Asia, Europe and North American VPS's are easy enough for me to find living in the States. Masternode is a trendy buzzword for sure, but like @KawaiiCrypto asked, do these do any harm to DNR?

I don't hodl a coin thinking I hate this because I can't afford a MN, I hodl a coin thinking wow I can't wait to mine enough to get a MN. My example, I mined enough ZEN to get at least 1 secure node. If I need to top up on the coin, the exchange is right there to pick up more.

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