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  1. We are proud to announce our NEW POOL FOR DENARIUS *Welcome to http://denariuspool.cloud a dedicated mining pool for DENARIUS, with TRIBUS ALGO!* *FEATURES* - Anonymous mining - Personal mining stats - Address.workers for multiple stats - Reward type: PROP (Proportional. When block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how much shares each of them has found) - Stratum and auto vardiff for efficient mining - Backup server cluster for high High Availability & Downtime - No fee payout, auto payout 0.1 DENARIUS - 1% fees DOWNLOAD WHATEVER SOFTWARE YOU'D LIKE FOR CPU, GPU AND START MINING NOW! stratum+tcp://denariuspool.cloud:5555 ( Auto VarDiff from 0.1 to 65000 ) NVIDIA CCMiner: ccminer-x64 -a tribus -o stratum+tcp://denariuspool.cloud:5555 -u YourDenariusAddress.workername -p x --cpu-priority=3 --intensity 22 AMD Genoil Miner sgminer.exe -k tribus -o stratum+tcp://denariuspool.cloud:5555 -u YourUserName.YourWorkerName -p AnyPassword
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