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  1. Basic Settings to get you going on HiveOS https://hiveos.farm/ This is what the Flight Sheet will end up looking like. Pick your coin. Currently its the old symbol DNR. Next add your wallet address and give it a name. I am mining to a https://whopper.io/ cold wallet to store this for a long time. Choose the type of pool, yiimp and then click Configure pool. Select Advanced configuration and enter your URL. stratum+tcp://mining.cafe:8533 In the miner tab, first select Cryptodredge by dropping down the down arrow and show all. Find Cryptodredge. Then click Setup Miner Config. Hash algorithm: tribus Wallet: %WAL% Pool URL: %URL% Pass: c=D,stats Version: 0.17.0-cuda92 (as of this tutorial being written) Apply changes, give this setup a name and click update.
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