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  1. Why do i miss everything i hope u will ban all those fake suckers , also hope i am not too late with this post DEijxAZMrc5Mht1wmjQ1zsFgirm2hqe6bz
  2. Simlpe easy way to see how much dnr in your addresses I don't like much that "coin control"-thing where you can get this numbers, and by the way, it works funny (very light gray colored font on white canvas is unreadable).
  3. Done For lazy copypasters : 1) Denarius 2) DNR 3) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1967207 4) https://denarius.io 5) http://denarius.name/ 6) WHY: New algo. Fast transactions. Great devs team. Big community. Stealth Addresses. Encrypted Messaging. Well designed wallet for win, mac, ubuntu.
  4. Good job! It's definitely has potential.
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