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  1. noncepockets

    Sync Denarius FAST! Any OS [Chaindata.zip]

    Thanks fella, my wallet's been stuck for the past 3 days (, Mac) and this has done gone fixed it real nice.
  2. noncepockets

    Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    Hello to you! I would like to enter my estimate into the sweepstake too if that's okay. I have calculated that it will occur at: 18/03/2018 18:24 GMT My DNR address is: D8ohE3EpRvQD6wts7ynPbPHAQ5vgzFnw5U Thanks gang, good luck to everybody!
  3. noncepockets

    What Coin does your CPU mine?

    Alongside DNR, I'm also mining Burstcoin using hard drives. If you've got a few spare terabytes lying around doing nothing it might be worth plotting them and joining a pool. https://www.burstcoin.ist/2017/10/16/the-burst-mining-process-explained/
  4. noncepockets


    Oh hi, I just found this in my recent documents, I did it last week for some reason so I might as well stick it here.
  5. noncepockets


    Only joking, pals!
  6. noncepockets


    Either that, or every time you use a faucet it uploads your entire browsing history and social security details to the darkweb.
  7. noncepockets


    I'm pretty sure the owner of a faucet doesn't profit in any way from it - it's more of an altruistic gesture to help people who are just getting started in a particular cryptocurrency.
  8. noncepockets

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Thanks for the info, enkayz. You're a Good Man.
  9. noncepockets

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Is anyone mining on hashbag.cc? I haven't had a payout for 19 hours, then the pool seemed to swallow my DNR. http://hashbag.cc/?address=DHAtaeTYgycKpob38rFN7fnoLHXj4Vgdvx It's only 4 DNR but it's a bit annoying, and I'm not sure where to go for 'support'. Anyway I've joined a different pool, just wondered if anyone else was having problems?
  10. noncepockets

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    That's the kind of thing I was after, @hossagno Thanks a lot!
  11. noncepockets

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Hi pals! I'm currently mining on hashbag.cc, and getting coins delivered to my wallet. It's good and I like it. I was just wondering if there's any way of checking the status of my little mining computer in case it messes up while I'm away? I know at nanopool there's a page with the statistics of your miners, and it sends you an email if it notices it's gone offline. Are there currently any tribus pools with a similar functionality? Cheers gang!
  12. noncepockets

    Denarius Giveaway #2!

    Thanks petal! You're being very generous. Hope the project takes off! D8ohE3EpRvQD6wts7ynPbPHAQ5vgzFnw5U
  13. noncepockets

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    How much hashing power would you realistically need to solo mine? I've got a single 1070, I was assuming I'd need to join a pool to get any kind of results at all.
  14. noncepockets

    Denarius Giveaway!

    Hello to you. I have an address which needs stuffing full of DNR, thanks very much. D8ohE3EpRvQD6wts7ynPbPHAQ5vgzFnw5U It's nice to be here with all of you.