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  1. tendermartin

    Post DNR articles on coins.newbium.com

    Yes it should so let's go post nice DNR articles there
  2. tendermartin

    Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    yeah that's correct
  3. tendermartin

    Block 100 000 mined!

    Hurrayyyy lets watch out for 200k
  4. tendermartin

    Denarius v1.0.4.0

    its doing fine... nice job @carsen will let you know if there are any glitches by and by...big ups to you and team mates
  5. tendermartin

    Add where you found Denarius in the News

    you're welcome to the community.... then go tell that friend of yours that you have joined the DNR Community and then make sure you invite other friends of yours... and then come hang out with us in the slack group where we rub minds together, get social and receive drops of free DNR every now and then
  6. The first 1DNR membership GIVEAWAY #1 was surely a success Giveaway#2 is ongoing and if you follow up you would see the people trickling in moment by moment and we are almost Neary the 500 membership cap now... Wow... denariustalk is trending and we are building an awesome and committed participatory membership... So my suggestion be that after giveaway #2 let there also be a giveaway #3 maybe for first 750 or 1000 members so that people will keep on n it in their friends to denariustalk community and we can as well steadily monitor the strength and growth of our community... Denarius Rocks
  7. tendermartin

    Add where you found Denarius in the News

    How I found DNR was that I found Carsen first.... at the bittrex slack group while he was openly defending his new and about-to-be-launched project... DENARIUS... I saw how many people were attacking Carsen and DNR calling it a shit coin he kept on speaking so intelligently and presenting facts and kept reassuring his critics that DNR would be awesome... Then I sent Carsen a private chat on the bittrex slack group chat and we started communicating and I could very well see through and through that Carsen was a nice and focused fellow.... So immediately I joined the DENARIUS COMMUNITY on bitcointailk and eventually denariustalk, then slack and then gitter and since then I've been a die hard fan of the PROJECT DENARIUS and I will always play my part to ensure Denarius moons up ?????
  8. tendermartin

    Denarius Wallet Steemit Review

    Go download the new wallet bro
  9. tendermartin

    Video Competition Giveaway (contribution thread)

    Yes Broooo.... Such a nice idea... and I'm all in for the DNR Video Contest... it will popularize DNR the more
  10. looking forward to DNR hitting 10USD by November 2017 :ph34r:


    lets make this happen guys

  11. tendermartin

    Post DNR articles on coins.newbium.com

    Yeah.. It's our slot on coins.newbium.Com so let's go do DNR proud.... That WILL be a good PR for us... Let's Show them we are Denarians....
  12. https://coins.newbium.com/coins/88-denarius That's it guys... DENARIUS just secured a slot on the Newbium highly rated Crypto blog... so let's go buzz the ad space with DNR articles... and guess what??? Who knows you may get a tip from ****** Shhhhhh don't say I told you ooohh..
  13. tendermartin

    Denarius Meme Contest #2