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    I will run a few Master Nodes. I'd like to see them rare in a sense as the coin itself will be rare in time to come. 5000 DNR per Master Node makes perfect sense. Its not ridiculously expensive for a MN and not too cheap. Those in early will benefit from the cheaper prices whilst the newcomers/latecomers will need to pay a bit more before the price moves north
  2. _micca_

    Denarius Meme Contest #2

  3. _micca_

    Denarius Meme Contest #2

  4. _micca_

    Denarius Meme Contest #2

  5. _micca_

    Contest ~ Best Denarius Meme!

  6. _micca_

    Denarius Giveaway #2!

    DHoTyh1dN2SzwyADejZJ2CjEjCk7jCD67m yes please!
  7. _micca_

    Current DNR Markets / Exchanges

    Where do you see this coin in 6 months time? price wise? I was talking to another guy on a forum the other night who is heavily into cryptocoin and the programming side of it and compares DNR to rival with bitcoin, its a big call.
  8. _micca_

    Current DNR Markets / Exchanges

    wish he'd announce it already haha
  9. _micca_

    Current DNR Markets / Exchanges

    have you heard anything regarding the progress of the applications?
  10. _micca_

    Current DNR Markets / Exchanges

    saw someone say we could hit between $30-$50 if its lists on bittrex and poloniex, man i cant wait!!
  11. _micca_


    Hey @Carsen how we travelling with bittrex and poloniex? That'll put a rocket under it!!
  12. _micca_


    This forum is awesome Carsen, so easy to use! Lets get this baby moving!