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  1. WJ.MiningProject

    Hashbag Hack / Stolen Coins

    Hacked? I know there was some server issues, but hacked? How much was stolen? I'm also on hashbag and would like to know what for security steps are taking to prevent another hacker attack?
  2. WJ.MiningProject

    Help get Denarius listed on polo

    Done! Lets go DNR!
  3. WJ.MiningProject

    The Future of Denarius

    Hi Everybody, First off all i'm new in the cryptocurrency world and in the miners world. (I have mined 165 DNR now) So, Sorry for my ignorance. I have to ask what will the future hold for the Denarius Coin? The value of the coin dropped the last past days to 0,35USD (why?) Will it rise? What plans are made to get more people at the Denarius side? In general what is the bigger plan voor DNR? So i hope someone can tell me more about it! Thanks!
  4. WJ.MiningProject

    Denarius Giveaway #2!

    Nice! Thanks! Love The Denarius! Wallet: DS2yQMc2dbMXrr7pqwYAeU9MBnMGPhE3SQ Also: https://hashbag.cc/?address=DS2yQMc2dbMXrr7pqwYAeU9MBnMGPhE3SQ