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  1. djuvantebit

    Denarius is now on Coinomi!

    great stride for DNR! i hope we can scale the polo hurdle too, that would be massive
  2. djuvantebit

    Denarius v1.0.4.0

    good job! yet to update but what to know if the update by any means invalidate the old version because my market on the old wallet is not updating anymore
  3. djuvantebit

    Denarius Chart Contest!

    rush job guys i hope i have the opportunity to make it classy
  4. djuvantebit

    Denarius Chart Contest!

  5. Boy you rock, how you did it with the meme #2 beats. Congrats all the same

    1. tendermartin


      indeed i wanna be like him when i grow up


      My fun DNR meme.jpg

  6. djuvantebit

    Denarius Meme Contest #2

  7. djuvantebit

    Contest ~ Best Denarius Meme!

  8. djuvantebit

    Denarius Giveaway #2!

    Great DKu3nKsg5Rh9zLoSfzW5Qettb2Jk3rLnNp