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  1. Good stuff mate The more pools the better. I will check it out in a bit
  2. Coins will start to be distributed to members who participated in giveaway tonight. All should have coins over the next few days
  3. Not tested it without the fans on, but with the fans it doesn't get hotter than 65 degrees. The rig has been running non stop for weeks with no issues. 14mm means more airflow if you have the space for them Nice Build mate
  4. Nice one mate Ive done that now On my Birthday as well
  5. Awesome stuff as per mate Keep it up!
  6. Thread has been locked! I have cleaned up the thread removing all multiple posts from members who are trying to get more than their fair share of the giveaway, with that members who double posted have had all posts removed from giveaway! If you double post I will see and remove both your posts so you don't get anything from the giveaway! I have also found a lot of members creating multiple accounts to try and gain more DNR from the giveaway. They have been banned with posts removed so they will not get anything from the giveaway either! This is a warning to people, if you want to participate in the giveaway, please do it fairly and don't try to trick in to getting more free DNR as we can see who is doing this and you will get nothing in the end! Thanks to all who participated fairly!
  7. Awesome! Yeah I will be ordering mine when I next get paid! Represent DNR on the streets!!! haha
  8. Class, be getting a hoodie when I next get paid like! As well as that T-Shirt
  9. @Carsen I will go through post and removed duplicates / multiple accounts for you mate
  10. DNR has so much potential and has a powerful feature rich background. Just needs time and more publicity!
  11. Good stuff mate will probs use this for when DenariusOnline comes in to play
  12. All ideas and feedback are welcome! What type of game do you guys what to play?
  13. Hey Guys, Just a quick update. This weekend Ive been gathering all the tools I need to get started properly building the game. I have a basic outline of the games structure and where I would like it to go. At the moment I am just trying to find some basic graphics (royalty free) to get things rolling. Ive been speaking to my pal JC who is building the engine and he has just sent me the latest version with a lot of bug fixes after looking the engine over all I can say is it is mint! It has everything I need to build a good game based on mining. My general idea for the game is going to be a cross between a lot of old 80s and 90s TV series and games that interlink. Such as cyrpto currency digital world is under threat and needs help to stop it from being destroyed. I have a short story wrote down which I will post when it is finished which will explain the story and what is the basis of the game. Yeah I am interested mate, but wont be 3D art that I need but pixel / 2D art as want to keep the game as basic looking as possible, but with all the features of a modern high end MMORPG. My thought on it is that not everyone in the world has awesome PC's and in such not everyone can mine alt coins such as DNR with there GPUs, or dont have enough hashing power to make much, so I think how about let them play a game and earn DNR as they play! If anyone has any ideas for what graphics to use, please post below or link to them and I will have a look. Need to be royalty free and to be used in a commercial game. However if you find a good bundle set of graphics I dont mind paying for them if they are good
  14. Awesome stuff mate!
  15. I am currently looking in to this / building one for the Online Game im making based on "Denarius". I will let you know how it goes You are not violating any rules, but thanks for stating.
  16. Which Sonic? The first one?
  17. So far I have sent Enkayz his half of the dontaion which was : [OK] recostar's balance is 14.44231590 DNR I am currently waiting on seeing Kawaii Crypto online and will send him his half
  18. Lol, had me double checking!!!
  19. Dont know what faucet your using, but the one I use doesn't do that. Just inspect the webpage and submit the faucet and you can see what its doing.
  20. Hey All, So far over the weekend we have gather the following amount to donate to the affected pools: [OK] recostar's balance is 28.85236265 DNR Massive Thanks to everyone who donated and supported! I will split the coin later on today and send it to Enkayz and Kawaii Crypto who's pools were hacked and funds stolen! They will both each get: 14.426181325 DNR
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