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  1. A way to pay for in-app purchases

    I am currently looking in to this / building one for the Online Game im making based on "Denarius". I will let you know how it goes You are not violating any rules, but thanks for stating.
  2. Sonic CD Steam Key (4 DNR)

    Which Sonic? The first one?
  3. Word Game with DNR

    DNR coin Exchange
  4. Hashbag Hack / Stolen Coins

    So far I have sent Enkayz his half of the dontaion which was : [OK] recostar's balance is 14.44231590 DNR I am currently waiting on seeing Kawaii Crypto online and will send him his half
  5. Faucets

    Lol, had me double checking!!!
  6. Faucets

    Dont know what faucet your using, but the one I use doesn't do that. Just inspect the webpage and submit the faucet and you can see what its doing.
  7. Hashbag Hack / Stolen Coins

    Hey All, So far over the weekend we have gather the following amount to donate to the affected pools: [OK] recostar's balance is 28.85236265 DNR Massive Thanks to everyone who donated and supported! I will split the coin later on today and send it to Enkayz and Kawaii Crypto who's pools were hacked and funds stolen! They will both each get: 14.426181325 DNR
  8. Word Game with DNR

    Volume to the
  9. @Vickyblaze I have moved the topic to General Discussion. If you check out the "Marketing & PR" section of forum that is a place to suggest stuff to help the coin grow. With regards to Bittrex and Poloniex we have to wait for them to take on the coin. I believe Carsen has already applied to those exchanges to get DNR on them Thanks for your support!
  10. Hashbag Hack / Stolen Coins

    Thanks mate! Every bit helps
  11. Hi All, As some of you will know hashbag.cc got hacked some some shites, and stole a lot of coins form the pool! This is stealing from @enkayz and the miners on the pool (myself included). This is not good for the pool itself, so I am setting up a donation to get some coins from the community to give back to enkayz so he can pay miners and support his pool! I will be using my GITTER Denarii address so members can see its balance and also where I send the coins to once collection finished (to be transparent). denarii @denarii 13:40 [OK] recostar's deposit address is: DNizYH6cYPVm47wWe3rRthC8YWy3RrXFB4 Please if you can send any amount donation to the above address and after some time I will send it over to enkayz pool's address when he has sorted the security loop hole. Thanks in Advance! Stu (This was @Yvanitxe idea! :))
  12. DenariusOnline (MMORPG)

    Wont be pay to win or pay to advance! Yes engine is built from the ground up by one of my close friends from America. I've used UE4 / Cry Engine, Hero Engine and others before, but for what I need for this project it will be a much simpler engine. I want to create and old school style game with top down 2D (2.5D) graphics. I will be looking for support as the project grows so keep an eye out in this post for opportunities to join the team or chip in on the project. I haven't had much time this week to add anything more due to being sick and having to catch up at work. I should have something to show you guys by the end of the weekend
  13. Denarius v1.0.4.0

    Good stuff mate once again!
  14. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    You only really need to backup the wallet.dat to your USB, as that holds your coins. In the wallet just do: File > backup and save to your USB the .dat