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  1. Agreed. However, it's not much of a utopian ideal, the botnet. Know it's done plenty for XMR over the years, of course! Fact is, if you want home users to mine in the future, we're all either hoping for another mass spike in the crypto market value, at which point every man and his dog will fire up their RX rigs again, or we'll need 'something' that is actually power efficient. Just as a point of order, I'm mining with a $200 FPGA that hits c.45mhs - less than a 1080ti. Hashrate there isn't doing any damage to GPU profitability - but on power costs GPU has a problem. That problem is not one that is going away - indeed, the further you look into the future, the worse it gets...
  2. Would just like to second the comment above (Vagumera). I've been a GPU miner for several years, but it's no longer viable at my electric prices (UK). My rigs are idle, and FPGAs are the only device I can operate with any margin at all, and I'm not alone in this. The assumption that GPU miners are decentralised is rapidly becoming a false premise - GPU miners are either large farms with bulk, low electric rates, or the often-quoted altruistic 'hobby miner' who knowingly makes a loss on mining their favourite coin. The latter I suspect is largely imaginary, and the former is not decentralised, and only interested in profit - HODLing and supporting the network are anathemas to the large farms. As others have pointed out, the road of forking is littered with failures - MBC is another example, which recently forked to Rainforest algo to shut out ASICS, only to discover a flaw in the new algo was being actively exploited by a private pool that now controls the majority of the hashrate. Prices have tanked, hashrate has reached tremendous figures, and so GPU mining is no longer practical, only weeks after the fork. For the GPU supporters who have chimed in - how much longer will you mine any crypto at a loss? Will you buy new RTX and Vega 7's to built rigs with? Of course not, that would be madness. So what is the medium term future? Greater efficiency and decentralisation, or reliance on GPUs that are no longer operationally viable?
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