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  1. @wookie I never said I make a loss, why do you think I've been mining D?!? I have Solar Power so I do make a profit. And I see from my whole comment that was all you took away from it.
  2. I keep reading about how FPGA miners to pump and dumps, well so do GPU farms. How are you going to keep them from doing that? Forking D is just setting yourselves up for being just like Burst, ultimately D will be just as useless & worthless. I also might add that the negative attitude by Carsen and crew doesn't help. Being so damn defensive and down-right nasty brings nothing but bad JuuJuu. I mine D with my 1 F1 and my Gpu's. I hodl some and exchange some. Most of us aren't whales out to make a fast buck. JM2C.
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