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  1. I'd just like to clarify the thing about the Verus fork, saying that FPGAs jumped back on their network within weeks is very misleading. It was only easy because FPGAs were allowed back on the network because the algorithm VerusHash 2.0, that Verus designed themselves, was kept from being memory hard consciously to avoid locking out certain types of hardware, especially with FPGAs in mind. It was specifically designed to better equalize hashrates across hardware types while being tailored for CPU inherent architecture for the greatest decentralization and the best of both worlds. It's a very tricky subject, one that they faced months ago and one that looks eerily similar to many conversations popping up all around different discord channels more and more lately. On one hand you have an established group with some diehard community members and on the other hand you have a newer more efficient tech, holding a current advantage and leading the inevitable march of progress. Ultimately, the issue lies in PoWs insatiable and growing appetite for energy and hardware and where this is PoWs very nature, it seems there's no easy solution. I certainly don't know the answer. Verus chose what they hoped would be a balanced approach and where the price is still doing well and CPUs and FPGAs can coexist on one network successfully, I think it is working out well for them so far. So perhaps there is a third option? Whatever way it goes, I wish you all the best. Diversity and cooperation are just a few of the beautiful little bits of this space that seem to make it all worthwhile and when I see a passionate community making democratic decisions, my only hope is that they get to accomplish what it is they set out to do.
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