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    FPGAs or GPUs?

    Just to finish whitefire's thoughts -- the large gpu farms are no more holders then -- as some assert the Fpga miners are -- I beg to differ but not going to spend hours arguing that one again. So if you want to build a solid network learn from verus, which eventually ended up embracing all forms of mining, or go POS/MN early. Personally, I would go the second route. I too have a smaller gpu farm -- I would not mine D with it as there are more interesting coins for me to mine. I don't actually mine D anymore with the blackminer and won't likely going forward. But there are others that can help this coin going forward. Your decision, but as whitefire says choose wisely. Btw I have a ton of respect for what versus ended up doing and the path forward they chose, it is a coin I actively mine.
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