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  1. cryptohillbilly

    Wallet does not stake

    I just wanted to show the BOTTOM of the Staking estimations screen, where there are a couple of transactions that show 0 days. WHAT IS UP with this? How can the same coins be mature and not mature? I installed the chaindata.zip per the following link, and now my sync is working properly, but still not staking. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. cryptohillbilly

    Sync Denarius FAST! Any OS [Chaindata.zip]

    WHEW! OK. Did a scanforalltxns and it fixed it.
  3. cryptohillbilly

    Sync Denarius FAST! Any OS [Chaindata.zip]

    Umm....when I did this I am no longer showing my original purchase of 335 DNR! It shows under the transactions screen, but not on the overview screen. I copied by backed up wallet file and relaunched with no effect.
  4. cryptohillbilly

    Wallet does not stake

    OK, I upgraded to the newest wallet a few days ago, and now I am no longer staking. All the above seems to apply to my situation, I have done all the below, Also, a screenshot of my staking window is included. Also, I have over 40 connections to the network, and the sync seems to get stuck at one day old. Currently at block 642095 and not moving. Any ideas? 06:13:07  Welcome to the Denarius RPC console. Use up and down arrows to navigate history, and Ctrl-L to clear screen. Type help for an overview of available commands. 06:14:28  repairwallet 06:14:28  { "wallet check passed" : true } 06:14:45  scanforalltxns 06:15:18  { "result" : "Scan complete." } 06:16:04  validateaddress DMxzgM2jSFALW1GvMX4bK1pwimkFwqycg2 06:16:05  { "isvalid" : true, "address" : "DMxzgM2jSFALW1GvMX4bK1pwimkFwqycg2", "ismine" : true, "watchonly" : false, "isscript" : false, "pubkey" : "02d9b518b1e66a8965a128bbcf6116a23e6afe7c40e91720613e4a4275b0f7c402", "iscompressed" : true, "account" : "" } 06:26:36  getstakinginfo 06:26:36  { "enabled" : true, "staking" : false, "errors" : "", "currentblocksize" : 1000, "currentblocktx" : 0, "pooledtx" : 0, "difficulty" : 0.00024414, "search-interval" : 1, "weight" : 0, "netstakeweight" : 114, "expectedtime" : -1 }