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    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Hmm, nope, thats empty. I got the "yay!!! solved:1" notification in the miner and at the same time the wallet gave me a notification via the Win10 sidebar. I checked the wallet's main screen and it showed 3.00 DNR. I didnt check the transactions tab at that moment. A couple minutes later when i checked the system, the wallet showed 0.00 DNR. I then cheked the transactions tab, and as its a fresh wallet i installed about an hour ago, that was completely empty, and still is. I stopped and restarted both the wallet and the miner since, and that didnt change anything.
  2. HaveSomeHash

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Ok, yeah i did get a "yay!!!" already, and the wallet displayed 3DNR, but then it disappeared again and there's no transaction in the history. I suppose that is what happens when the block is orphaned?
  3. HaveSomeHash

    Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Hi, i've been mining DNR on pools for a while now, and decided to give solo mining a try aswell. Following the info onhere, i got CCMiner running, no error reports. Now, when i'm mining on pools i'm used to seeing CCMiner report shares (and a green yes!), which it does not do when i'm solo mining. Am i correct in assuming that's perfectly normal, and it will only show a notification like that if the miner finds a block? Followup on that, if it does find a block, will the (unconfirmed?) balance show in the wallet i'm mining to right away, or will this take some time to show up?