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  1. 8pack

    Current DNR Markets / Exchanges

    I really would like to see bitrex here and another large exchange. I do my bitcoin stuff on there and like it alot. Also will help get dnr more exposure. The coin is great exposure of the features is all it needs on a wider scale and the continuity of the excellent dev team.
  2. 8pack

    Denarius v2.0.0.0

    V 2.0.2 working well for me again no issues. This dev team smash out the releases faster than a titan v on ln2 cooling... Good job...
  3. 8pack


    Yes 5k DNR locked in while running the node. Well worth it I think.
  4. 8pack

    Mining Hardware

    I have my own Supernova to mine on https://www.overclockers.co.uk/8pack-supernova-intel-core-i9-7980xe-4.6ghz-ddr4-extreme-overclocked-pc-fs-001-8p.html Only because I designed it and am 8Pack!! My other mining rigs are just on the bench. Any 4 way board and 4 1080ti or 4 Titan Xp in each one. Then an additional 3 1080ti rig.
  5. 8pack

    Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    I guess 15th March 2018 19-00 gmt Wallet address DRoELy2FrBJzEFz1hvxUgwJATT8d1UN3GV
  6. I would also like to know this. Any plans for Bitrex or similar. The coin really has so much to offer with v2. 0 it can do very well on the biggest platforms now. I am a fan of cryptopia though.
  7. 8pack

    Denarius v2.0.0.0

    V working well for me. This coin is really shaping up. Any chance it will move onto the bigger exchanges like bitrex?? Although cryptopia is a great platform.
  8. 8pack

    Denarius v2.0.0.0

    Yeah still syncing!! Seems to be taking a long time.
  9. 8pack

    Denarius v2.0.0.0

    I have a full resync here. Still going. How long will the pools take to sync??
  10. 8pack

    Denarius v2.0.0.0

    successful update on Windows 32 bit using installer here... Thanks!!