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  1. We have decided to run the vote on Discord, we are making a voting channel, this stops people from having to register and discouraging people from voting.
  2. Absolutely, everything will be posted here once it's figured out!
  3. Next we setup the pool, website with tracker of all donations, as well a donation addresses where people can send to. I'm contacting exchanges now trying to figure out listing prices, and the processes to getting listed. We're going to need to figure out what we need in the pool... and from there we'll wait to know really beyond that. Once we know the process and prices for the listings, we'll make a final decision as a community what to go for. Just in case maybe the winner here is too far out of reach or something, we might need to choose a different goal together.
  4. Agreed, i'm excited about the future and where Denarius will be listed!
  5. Not opposed at all, would be great to see a listing on either, though that will have to come down the road definitely just because of the prices, we're better off waiting on those exchanges.
  6. I added it to the poll! Even if something doesn't take first this time, it's not out of the picture at all.
  7. No I do not work for an exchange, if I did we'd already be listed on there. I do appreciate your views, though the community today decided we would together like to pursue a bigger exchange with higher volume.
  8. I saw Carsen had posted in their discord telling the admins to contact him, have they still not made any progress?
  9. Hey everyone, so today some of us were talking on Discord, we thought it'd be a killer idea to start up a community fund. This fund could be donated to or mined to, this would help pay for a listing on an exchange. I'm going to reach out to these exchanges, and try to find out what their prices are for a listing, and once we have picked an exchange will proceed with the community fund! The idea is to pick a mid-sized exchange that won't be too costly, yet will pay off in the long run, which leaves us with the list we put together to vote on. What we're thinking is we'll have a mining pool, that donates to the community fund, as well will have a donation address. The mining pool would be best set to the most profitable altcoins that we can dump for BTC, as well I'd say the best choice we have for accepting donations would be accepting BTC, LTC, and ETH. We can as well obviously accept Denarius, though it might be best to use other coins for fund, to avoid tanking the market. We were thinking on the pool website, we'd have the goal listed for the listing fee, and show our progress towards the goal; as well we're thinking maybe a way to see who's donated, to allow us to thank and remember those who helped Denarius grow into something great. The community fund/pool we were thinking could be managed by Enkayz, or another DNR team member. Post any ideas you have below, this is a community driven fund so we all get a say! Edit: Coinone and Bithumb have been taken off the poll, just to keep the poll with an exchange that is possible at our current size. Once we grow, these are definitely exchanges to keep in mind.
  10. Personally i'm going to be implementing this into my gem shop eventually through various ways aside from just accepting it as payment, it's the perfect currency for business transactions, fast and cheap to send.
  11. Let me know if you both have any issues still, I made a twitter post, though am unsure if this ever got solved and they updated..
  12. I'm going to make some posts right now, hopefully we will catch Trade Satoshi's attention, during times of rapid development and fixes/changes, always good to see if you can double check the wallet version they're running. Sorry that had to happen Hercy, hopefully it gets worked out.
  13. until
    Hey guys we're starting up a weekly exchange request, basically just a week long event of making noise on social media, as well filling out the form below to catch the exchanges attention! KuCoin Coin Request Form: http://kucoinform.mikecrm.com/tAssDWK Request Form Tips: 1. You'll need to give them a little bit of info about the community, i'll list them below: a. Project Website: Denarius.io b. Mail: Just put N/A c. Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Denarius/ d. Telegram Link: https://t.me/joinchat/DPOfJg6YO86vtiH-Srfl8Q e. Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1967207.0 f. Twitter link: https://twitter.com/denariuscoin g. CoinMarketCap Link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/denarius-dnr/
  14. The other info is just general DNR info for the forms so I did not include it here, however if you have any questions feels free to post them here, I just gave the tips for things that people may not have quick access to. As for Binance you must be a coin dev to submit it. I will look for the link tomorrow! I'm going to add more exchanges tomorrow, had to stop to work on a few others things today. There are a few forms that will require some info from Carsen like on Bittrex by the way, till then just hold off!
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