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  1. Hi There is an Adress staking in my Wallet which I don't know and I never used. D79ZkQEDD9VovArnTXNwcaWFuaURWSkbyP What is that about? In Denarius Block explorer this Adress received at 31.Dezember 2017 DNR 87.68992542 The staking was made in my Wallet but I don't know this Adress. Should I have keys for it? Can I export this key from Wallet? http://denarius.name/address/D79ZkQEDD9VovArnTXNwcaWFuaURWSkbyP Strange or not?
  2. Your i3 systems consumes it seems 100-150 watt Overclocked or Stock. Plus GPU r9 390 is quite power hungry isn't it? It would mine Equihash much more decent. I'd sell it! Plus PSU. 300 - 400 Watts in Total I assume. You could maybe undervolt CPU. It brings like 50 Watts less with mine undervolted. And would replace your GPU against Nvidia Maxwell or newer for DNR. Until there is a better Amd miner. Edit: WOW!!! R9 390 easy more than 300Watt according Tomshardware only for GPU depending on your settings and more for 20 MHs DNR! So maybe even 500 - 600 Watts... You rather pay me the power bill and I send you the 27MH on your wallet! Deal? ;-) So for 1.5 - 2 DNR per Day I send you 27 MH which give you x.x DNR. This is your calculation depending on your power price... Or you better just buy the coin and support DNR much more with that... than throwing precious energy out of the window... ;-) but maybe it is free or you heat with it like me. ;-) My worst Really bad cheapo 90 degree hot ECS trash GTX 970 uses 110 -120 Watts for 27 MH. Just look at the stats in uniming... https://www.unimining.net/bench?algo=tribus&chip=0 (I am mostly the Int. 23 ;-) 980 ti missing on first page. BTW: Every 5th Block is an Orphan now at hashbag. I have never seen that many. Ping Unimining: 8 ms Ping Hashbag: >30 ms Good luck
  3. Where to buy GPUs?

    Nice really. 1060's still reasonable priced. But I would pick at least 1070's (if priced around 500) as the efficiency of the 1060's is even less than a 750 ti. I was shocked when I recognised that. My few but nice Maxwell 900 GPU's are of course worse but still profitable. ;-) There must be some better efficiency possible...
  4. Show Off - Miners / Rigs

    Very nice. Which Motherboard do you use? ASRock Killer? I'd like to replace my ancient 10 year old Q9450 CPU and 5 GPU Mobo and do some CPU algos besides. But I can even play a game on my Rig with the worst 970 at 8x PCIe simultanously when mining on the other GPU's. Getting 80 FPS FHD at WoT with max details in HD client for example. CPU overclocked of course. So I would like to be able to do this as well with newer hardware. Or I stay with the old stuff... I thought to buy a Raven Ridge soon but there are only 8x PCIe Lanes for GPU's available. So I wait longer... for a Ryzen Mining Board. It has to be AMD CPU at the moment!
  5. Where to buy GPUs?

    Europe is cheaper at the moment but also quite sold out. Better wait around 3 Months for next Generation or buy used.
  6. Hi My staking network weight is allmost as high as the network. It tells me below 1 minute to stake but no staking occured for days. STAKING=1 is in the config file. I "stupidly" sold some DNR. So there is less DNR in the wallet than staking is assuming. Is this the problem? When staking in the past... also like 75% of transactions or 99.9999% of "staked" staking gains did orphan... Hopefully this gets fixed soon. BTW: One moment I felt like my wallet showed less than what it did before. Some months later I had to reinstall and there it appeared the "lost" 3x DNR EDIT: My weight at the moment 3771 Network weight 3728. Expected time to stake 29 Seconds... But not staking for days.
  7. Hi I dunno your problem. 20 MH/s is not 300 MH/s like in your calculation. That is what you can expect with 20 MH/s. Maybe you give some Info about your "mining-hardware" so we can help you getting more... BTW: Your TX shows you earned more than 0.7 DNR in the last 18 hours. So that is very difficult to beat with 20MH on another pool... My rig did cost me less than 1400$ and does 220 MH/s @ 850watts. I am trying to mine only when difficulty is low. < 3000. Or when it was very high for some time ;-) I was mining (poolhopping) at unimining too in the last days as it was better than hashbag. But hashbag recovered in found blocks just recently. Edit: P.S: Just entered uniming and found a block for you. Just getting payed 0.00x for that ;-)