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  1. petrvsrex


    Yes, Masternodes offer other things, like increased coin value, it's just that in my opinion its a kind of 'artificial' benefit that has unpredictable downsides if people that run a master node cash out when the value of the DNR goes down or the DNR might get down in value when master node people cash out for whatever reason. However, if it brings more attention to the coin, which it will do for sure, it might be OK.
  2. petrvsrex


    Just my 2 cents on this topic: I think Denarius has value and potential of its own and there is no true need for Master nodes for network stability. At least I think the POS reward is already rewarding people leaving their wallet running. Now imagine people start running Denarius master nodes. What happens when people realise these are not truly needed for stability and availability of the network, and the value of DNR is not going up fast enough, and they start to cash out?
  3. petrvsrex

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    I tried compiling and running denariusd on a Raspberry Pi zero W running the raspbian stretch lite image without GUI, using 512 meg RAM and 2 GB Swap. Compiling took over 10 hours, but finally succeeded. Running denariusd on a pi zero W also seems to work quite well for now, because RAM usage stays around 300 meg.