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    is the locked number the number of DNR that you must have in a wallet or on the master node you set up at all time?
  2. all my rigs are NVidia I do have a prebuild with an AMD rx580. I set that up to mine the other day to test it out and your right it is not very good on Tribus. I would think Ethhash, zcash, or dagger would be best algo if you have AMD rig.
  3. .1 is a lot for staking to miss out on I hate orphan transactions I just recently had a few of them as well. ive seen this happen on other coins when one person had to high of a percent of the total transactions, too much hashing power. It kept creating orphaned transactions on almost every block. that was on a POW though not POS.

    I would also suggest 3k even though it has been decided on 5k? I have a decent size farm and as time goes on difficulty will increase along side with the coin price making it exponentially harder to create a master node and if DNR starts expanding it could cause some scaling issues if no one has enough to start a node.

    I have never run a master node, but I am strongly thinking of running one with Denarius. Proof of Stake is a nice incentive for people to hold there coins, but I don't think its enough. the rewards at the time are miniscule for holding, I think a lot of people can see day trading the coin to earn more than the fraction of a DNR token every day or so. I understand that when we move from proof of work to proof of stake the amount goes up? Master nodes essentially distribute the network globally to decentralize and prevent attack vulnerabilities on the DNR network? is that kind of the jist of it?
  6. if I have 1.1gig is it better to solo mine? I make about 33 DNR a day on yiimp.
  7. Multi GPU Mining

    i'm not sure I have never had that issue. does it reset your clocks when you start mining? if so I would say it is a driver issue. If not one is probably Samsung memory and the other one is Hynix, I don't recall memory affecting power draws though just how well they clock. I really wanted to do a 1060 build, but same issue I couldn't find any for a decent price.
  8. Multi GPU Mining

    did one come overclocked? and did you do any clocking yourself to either of them? sometimes different memory as well even in the same brand and type of cards. They call it the silicone lottery
  9. Denarius on dead coin list

    I agree it would be nice to see this on Bittrex.

    It would be nice to buy some shirts with DNR coins. Is DNR usable on any stores yet? DNR would make a great coin for subscription game purchases, especially online recurring games like Runescape or maybe even WOW. I know the developer was big into video games and I think it would be an awesome way to get the coin further into the market.
  11. windows 10 wallet

    found answer on another thread thanks!
  12. windows 10 wallet

    Hey guys I had a power outage last night and it reset all my rigs and personal computer. when I loaded my computer that has my windows wallet on it, it kept failing and eventually my windows defender uninstalled it. I reinstalled the windows 10, but haven't been able to open it, I save my backup phrases in a .dat file. I am unsure what program to open it with, when I open the .dat file in word or notepad it is encrypted. anyone have any suggestions for that? also the error code for denarius wallet loading is. Assertion Failed! Program:c:/program files (x86)/denarius/denarius.exe File:src/kernel.cpp, Line 374 Expression:pindex->pprev ll pindex->GetBlockHash()==(!fTestNet ? hashGenesisBlock:hashGenesisBlockTestNet) immediately after I get this Runtime Error! Program:c:/Program Files (x86)/Denarius/Denarius.exe This applications has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have about 200 DNR on my wallet