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  1. DNRuseruser

    unpaid balance hashbag.cc

    (SOLVED) ... the min payout changed. It's gone up :-)
  2. DNRuseruser

    unpaid balance hashbag.cc

    thanks for the response Mica. It has been 4 days... the first day I was checking the upper corner, but then I just gave up :-p ... figured something must be going wrong
  3. DNRuseruser

    unpaid balance hashbag.cc

    Hello, I'm writing this post in hopes that someone on this forum has a clue on how to fix this issue. I was mining DNR on hashbag.cc, and I was having regular payments every hour until a couple of days ago. I completely stoped recieving payments. According to the pool, I should be recieving a payment every 0.0001 DNR, but the actual balance on my account says I have 0.0404412 DNR and it has not been credited. So I imagined that perhaps there was an issue with the coinomi address, and switched it up for a new one. I continued mining on that other address and got to aprox 0.057 DNR, again stating that the minimum payment should be 0.0001 DNR... but I haven't recieved the payment yet. :-/ Does anyone here have the same problems with that pool? I've had to stop mining, since I don't feel like trusting this pool anymore :-( Best regards!