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  1. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    It just takes time. I've been staking for a month now, and have only 3 transactions from staking and all of them are 'not accepted'. They are for small amounts. At this point in time with POW, there's not much benefit to staking. Even if you do get staking/mined transactions they may not get an 'Accepted' status, meaning that they're like orphaned transactions. So, happy to be proven wrong on this. Maybe for some DNR holders with thousands of DNR maybe they get a lot of value from staking, but in my own experience this hasn't been the case.
  2. Thanks Samuel, that's a big help to me, as I'm new to the whole mining and staking process. My other mining issue is just waiting until an optimised AMD GPU miner comes out. The hashing power of sgminer for tribus is crap, probably half what it would be if I had an equivalent nividia GPU.
  3. Thanks for that jt, all 3 of my "mined" staked transactions are "not accepted". So I thought that I hadn't setup correctly our that the desktop wallet has a bug in it that it can't stake transactions from an imported paper wallet private key into the desktop wallet.
  4. Thanks jtmining17, but will they ever be 'Accepted'. I've only got 3 of these types of transactions and they're all in this 'Not Accepted' state. Is there something I have to do to get them accepted? Will they become 'accepted' after a period of time like 30 days?
  5. Wallet does not stake

    I've got staking set up, but how can I tell if I'm getting some staking returns? I"ve got this from the wallet when I hover mouse over the green icon. I check every 4 minutes and it still states "Expected time to earn reward is 4 minutes". Can't see any transactions, so is staking working?
  6. AMD hashrates

    Is there anymore news on this? Has an AMD optimised miner been released yet? Any ideas where I could check and find out? thanks for the help.
  7. Any ideas why I'm getting these 'orphaned' transactions? I've got a few of them with the 'Type' of 'Mined'. Non of them have a green tick status. All have a ?. Are these transactions from 'Staking'? I'm mining into a paper wallet which I have imported into the desktop wallet. Does this mean staking doesn't work, or is there some other reason to explain these 'unconfirmable' transactions?
  8. Denarius on dead coin list

    It would also be good to get onto Binance. However, I heard that companies have to pay to get their coin onto Binance. Not sure if that's true or how much it is. I think it's probably worth paying to get it on Binance (with coin), as the price would go crazy if it did and would benefit the whole DNR community.
  9. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Thanks Jtmining17. I've ordered a PCIe extension riser and I'll try a 2nd card. Do you have any ideas on a good card for DNR mining hash rate to run with sgminer that's priced under $70USD?
  10. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Do you have both GPUs plugged in to the same motherboard? Are they the same GPU or different types?
  11. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    I've been mining the last 24 hours as well. My quoted hash rate on unimining is around 20 - 30 Mhs. So how is you ended up with 1.35 DNR and I've only got 0.22 DNR? I don't get it. My Hash rate is about half of yours, so shouldn't I get half of what you got? Is that how it works?
  12. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    I've been mining on the unimining pool for around 20 hours now and have only gotten around 0.2 DNR. How often are you getting a payout of more than 1 DNR? You said you're getting 3-5 DNR per day, but how long do you normally have to wait until you get a large payment? Below are my stats for unimining......not very good. There's only around 18 miners on unimining...maybe this is too low to get any return. https://www.unimining.net/?address=DGUbLcLhAMg43cmp7u1sy2vewF5TFRU2cp I don't know whether to just stick with this pool or switch back to hashbag.cc? I'll also try reducing the power to 80% as well like you're doing. See how it goes.
  13. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Thanks jtmining17, I've increased intensity to 21 and the hashrate has gone up slight to 20.37Mh/s.
  14. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Is it normal to have a low-ish hashrate (19.65 Mh/s) using an AMD R9 390?? I'm using sgminer 5.3.8. I'm lucky if I get 1 DNR every 2.5 days. I'm probably spending more on electricity than gaining from mining. The Gigabyte Radeon R9 390 has got 8 GB of ram. It seems like a low hashrate for this GPU. I've tried setting intensity to 25 and it seemed to hang sgminer when starting. I tried 23 but then the "Accepted" was really slow. I changed intensity to 19 and the "Accepted" seems to be much quicker. Any help to increase hash rate would be greatly appreciated. My stats are: https://hashbag.cc/?address=DGUbLcLhAMg43cmp7u1sy2vewF5TFRU2cp My config is: { "pools": [ { "name":"hashbag", "priority": "0", "url": "stratum+tcp://hashbag.cc:8688", "user": "DGUbLcLhAMg43cmp7u1sy2vewF5TFRU2cp", "pass": "d=0.25,stats", "profile": "tribus" } ], "profiles": [ { "name": "tribus", "algorithm": "tribus", "shaders": "2560", "intensity": "19" } ], "kernel-path": "kernel", "default-profile": "tribus", "failover-only": true, "failover-switch-delay": "60", "gpu-dyninterval": "11", "queue": "2", "quiet": false, "expiry": "90", "scan-time": "13" } I took out "lookup-gap" as after reading documentation it seemed to indicate that default was 2 and was better left at 2. Below is the stats.