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  1. My entry is: march 15, 2018 @ 15:20 US EST 2018-03-15 15:20:18 DGMHrFoModh6a9oh52GpsQPekD2naZHUxt #SADDESTHOE
  2. YEAH 3 as a ticker symbol sticks out like a BEAST! I would put 100 on 3 to win! Good idea to try the gold accent
  3. I REALLY LIKE 3 AND 4... I think the GOLD D makes it look more like.. ohhh value!! gold!! shiny.. but 4 looks like a "real" old coin
  4. UHHH no #CanHAZ... I believe the denarius warriors could make it happen if they wanted
  5. IS there something inbetween? The first is too faded the second is too cartoony of a "D" but the crisp coin is nice....
  6. Dayum! This isnt just a ticker its full service. I still wish it had cryptopia data #SadHoe :'(
  7. HOLY CRAP! I like that when you click on it you get a minute partitioned price chart to see whats actually been happening.
  8. I clicked the link and it was popped up after i clicked "with checking this box I sign away all rights to denarius and Carsen Klock." It would be nice if we could choose where we pull the api data from. I think I saw its from coinmarketcap or coinexchange.io but cryptopia has the big volume. Super helpful though instead of having to look at my BS blockfolio. DNR FTW again!
  9. OK GUYS!!! LISTEN UP!!!! According to the graphs put out by Kawaii and I can Haz.. 4k coin for a masternode looks like it locks up about 30% of the coin and returns 137% or something like that (i dont have a photographic memory but you can go back 1 page). ALSO if you look at the rich list, only the top 50 right now can afford a master node and that would be the least we want. Im at 100 on the rich list with a little over 2k. Of course most people will accumulate more so the rich list should increase in average number. RIGHT NOW.. 4k would be where we would want it to get 50-100 to have a masternode. If the rich list changes then higher is fine but we need to be decentralized so having like 5 masternodes owned by 1 person will actually make the coin less stable, not more safe... What say you all? If you think this is a pragmatic number then sharpen your pitchforks and douse your torches in some diesel and lets burn this bitch down!!!
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