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  1. Wookie bro you did an amazing job, build me a house bro! Lol Buzz killed it on the pi installation!! Absolutely blown away!
  2. Denarius is taking donations to list on cryptobridge. (1 BTC Total needed.) https://blockchain.info/address/1GgFMs1rTNoZ25eL5eVRy1yvAVeqFJT52N ONLY .46BTC is needed To entice our community to donate we are hosting a 350 DNR giveaway!!! To be eligible to enter, all you have to do is post your TXID of .01BTC of higher here. Once we reach our goal we will randomly select winners: 1st Place: 200 DNR 2nd Place: 100 DNR 3rd Place: 50 DNR
  3. March 16 6:45 AM PST DUBuxrVR8Zc99Xjmh8EQg9nchkNEx4c7TZ
  4. Aye i have Officially made it!! Thanks for the love Carsen!
  5. https://twitter.com/Tw1tters_/status/956275147341676549
  6. This is gonna be fun!! Lets see some dank DNR memes!!
  7. Awesome Site Kawaii, thanks for the real time visual!!
  8. Hey Samuel, Yeah it would be awesome for Denarius to have some merchant solutions, i believe they are in the "to-do" list. My shirt shop ( BTFD.SHOP ) takes DNR, however we have to handle it as a custom order at the moment. You email us your order, we process it and let you know how many DNR to send to our address, once the order is confirmed the shirts get processed/shipped. Hopefully in the near future we can have a streamlined payment gateway for DNR on my store.
  9. ummmm is that DNR DINNER?!
  10. at this point i think its is still under debate altho i have a feeling 5k will be the number.
  11. LOL Congrats on the win!!
  12. HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS OF THE BTFD.SHOP - DENARIUS SHIRT GIVEAWAY @abusamak_twitter @buzzkillb @cryptopolis @Diemon @KawaiiCrypto @krewshul @johnnycarsonogen @_micca_ @Ragtag Please DM me so we can get your order shipped! I will need to know your shipping info, shirt size and which design you want. If you are outside of our free shipping zone, you will have to cover the shipping costs! (Can be paid in crypto: I.e. DNR) The winners were chosen at random, I went thru the activity log and picked the people with the most activity, the quality of their posts and frequency of post. Compiled a list and drew names from a hat from that list. Congratulations everyone!
  14. need to re check lol #4 is in the lead lol
  15. get that ugly coin outta here lol Silver coins only!
  16. Whatcha mean by new idea / compromise? any suggestions?! what this could even mean / entail for masternodes!?
  17. Whelp there you go! I agree on the font formatting the format is very clean as it is, i couldn't imagine how it would look in satoshis.
  18. wookie did do an awesome job on that one
  19. lol i think its a matter of the code/api works with the extension n not just us wanting it to happen?! would have to ask carsen on that.. +1 for the warriorz lol
  20. yeah the ticker size is what wanted me to update the logo in the first place, it just kinda looks like a silver circle currently. so even if we just update the ticker logo that be dope
  21. Please use this link instead https://denariustalk.org/index.php?/topic/114-vote-dnr-coin-logo-update/
  22. Topia would be nice, but i don't think its possible!?
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