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    My wallet is encrypted ! After that I unlocked but not stake nothing....! I Think something is wrong or missing in my wallet or files
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    Hi folks ! Today I joined to this community waiting have great experience and still learning about the cryptocurrency world.....Unfortunately I think I have issues to staking with my DNR wallet , first at all let me say I'm not a miner (Right now I don't have capabilities to do that) So I'm collecting some DNR by faucet and I'm sure can buy some coins near future...I was reading some others post where people had some problems like me ! I'm writing this request for your experience and help in order to start staking at my DNR wallet, I attached some pics for you to have any idea what is happen .... My wallet version is , my OS is Windows 8.1 and I have a very small DNR fractions coins collected from the faucet...I hope get help from you...Thanks in advantage (sorry by English, Is not my native language )