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  1. Run the following commands to compile Denarius properly without errors on Ubuntu 18.04+ (Ubuntu changed their sources list for the dep "libssl-dev", you will need to install an older version of OpenSSL to be able to compile Denarius) Make sure to remove the current libssl-dev: sudo apt-get remove libssl-dev Install an older version of OpenSSL, for this we use 1.0.1j wget http://www.openssl.org/source/openssl-1.0.1j.tar.gz tar xvfz openssl-1.0.1j.tar.gz cd openssl-1.0.1j cd openssl-1.0.1j ./config make -j(number of cores) That should get the older version installed. Also you may want to symlink openssl still: sudo mv /usr/bin/openssl /root/ sudo ln -s /usr/local/ssl/bin/openssl /usr/bin/openssl openssl version (To check the openssl version installed) Also you will want to run these when you run qmake again qmake "USE_UPNP=1" "USE_QRCODE=1" OPENSSL_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/ssl/include OPENSSL_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/ssl/lib denarius-qt.pro Then you should be good for Ubuntu 18.04 Denarius compiling and it should compile with no errors , otherwise all other older Ubuntu versions you can just do the usual sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
  2. Try changing the line in your denarius-qt.pro file in the QMAKE FLAGS at the top from c99 to gnu99 and then making again Also ensure you have the Tor deps installed (sudo apt-get install libevent-dev)
  3. Mandatory Update, All nodes, services, and wallets must update to v3.3.3 -Protocol upgrade to 31005, FortunaStakes will transition to 31005 after block 1.5m -Our blockchain is now stable, this release is stable (v3.3.3) -Many improvements and bug fixes to our custom Fair Payment System (FSFPS) -GUI Improvements for FortunaStakes -Overall wallet optimization, HUGE Performance boost. -New Fortuna Stake Icon in QT -New features,statistics, and improvements to Fortuna Stakes in QT and daemon -Overall syncing improvements for syncing and once synced. -Added more checkpoints -Staking Icon is now fixed to show green when staking in the QT UI -Nodes require a heartbeat as well as timespan to be an active node -Pruned Paydata to prevent overpayments -Fixed Reorg Loops and overall reorgs -Fixes to the Syncing Bar in the QT UI -Fixed several possible conditions for de-sync on nodes. -Improved the readability of the My Fortunastake tab You can get Denarius v3.3.3 from the links below: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.3.3 https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.3/Denarius-v3.3.3-Win64.zip https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.3/Denarius-v3.3.3-macOS.dmg https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.3/denariusd-v333-ubuntu1604.tar.gz
  4. Denarius v3.2 - URGENT MANDATORY UPDATE To address some chain instability issues, Denarius v3.2 will be an IMMEDIATELY mandatory required update. Our protocol is now 31003 and if you are having issues syncing or synced past block 1451336 in previous versions then download the chaindata.zip here and replace your chaindata to start syncing to the correct Denarius chain: Triforce Mirror Chaindata1451336 New Fortuna Stake Commands fortunastake list|genkey|start|count|etc. All references of "masternode" are now "fortunastake" with the following exception: masternode list|genkey|start|count|etc rpc command is retained for backward compatibility with exchanges and pools masternode=1 is now fortunastake=1 masternode.conf is now fortunastake.conf Fortuna Stakes Release Denarius v3.2 includes our new Fortuna Stakes sytem. This system replaces the old masternode system, replacing it's functionality and expanding on the overall point of the Denarius cryptocurrency, which is to be a store of value for long term interest holders. The Fortuna Stakes system is comprised of two components - the stakes themselves, which expand network reach and ensure coverage of the blockchain; and the heart of the system, the Fortuna protocol, which manages the balance of income between the stakeholders according to their share of Fortuna investments. Fair Payment System (FPS) fixes The fair payment system which previously applied to masternodes in v3.1 has been overhauled to addresss some identified vulnerabilities which were affecting income reliability. Several core changes have been made: When creating a stake, you must wait 500 blocks before claiming payments (aka starting the stake). Stakes will be paid based on their average earnings over a period which is equal to 3 times the total count of stakes, or 600, whichever is higher. Payment Stabilization System The Fortuna protocol will adjust the payment distribution to ensure all members of the Fortuna Stake Network are paid at the correct rate. The protocol will not allow any single stake's income to exceed a variance of 25% from the median payment rate - for example, if the median payment rate for all Fortuna stakes is 2D/100blocks, then the protocol will reject any payments which bring a stake's median rate above 2.5D/100blocks. Conversely, if a stake's income rate falls below 1.5D/100blocks, the Fortuna system will assign more payments in an attempt to fairly balance the income distribution. As a result of the payment stabilization system, stakes may experience accelerated payments upon first becoming eligible for payment, as the Fortuna system attempts to bring the newest stake to the correct earning rate. Once attaining the median earning rate, the stake wallet should remain online as long as possible with the Fortuna Stake intact, as the earning rate will not exceed the median except in fringe cases. If the Fortuna Stake transaction is spent or otherwise used, the earning rate will immediately drop to zero and require waiting another 500 blocks before earning rate returns to the median. GUI & Other Fixes Updated many parts of the GUI to improve performance. The 'Start All' button in the GUI will now give more feedback about your results. Slipstreamed payment checking code, it should no longer excessively query the blockchain. The wallet should no longer fall back into 'Initial Download' mode after finishing it's first sync. This addresses an issue where pool nodes would refuse to provide block templates when the wallet decided it needed to download blocks. The wallet should now be better at counting things. Denarius v3.2 is now available, IT IS A URGENT MANDATORY UPDATE and is REQUIRED by EVERYONE to UPDATE. Denarius v3.2 brings tons of changes to Denarius and its inner workings, take a look at the release notes below! Release Notes: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.2 Download Win64 QT: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.2/Denarius-v3.2-Win64.zip Download macOS QT: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.2/Denarius-v3.2-macOS.dmg Download denariusd for Ubuntu 16.04: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.2/denariusd-v3.2-ubuntu1604.tar.gz You can git pull our master branch for the latest release to update your denariusd nodes and Fortuna Stakes IF you synced past block 1451336 on a previous version, please download and replace your chaindata with the one below: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.2/chaindata1451336.zip
  5. Denarius [D] v3.1 Mandatory Update/Release! New FMPS (Fair Masternode Payment System) The new FMPS fixes previous/future exploits to Denarius Masternodes Ring Signature Fixes and Updates New Protocol 31000, Old Clients <31000 will no longer connect to the Denarius network after block 1.45 million. This is a mandatory update. Rebranding from DNR to D as our new market ticker. All exchanges, explorers, pools, etc. will need to update their namings/URL for our new ticker. Get the latest release from our master branch on Github or via our releases: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.1
  6. DENARIUS V3 IS HERE! This is a MANDATORY UPDATE and EVERYONE must UPDATE BEFORE BLOCK 1.35 MILLION! Denarius v3.0.0 - MANDATORY UPDATE - Lowered Proof of Data fee to 0.001 DNR per PoD submission, also added the ability to add a 24 character narration with your PoD submission. - Added the RPC command masternode list full to display an array of all masternodes on the network and information about them - Added the RPC command getblockheader "hash" - Added the RPC command senddnrtoanon, sendanontoanon, sendanontodnr, estimateanonfee, txnreport, anoninfo, and anonoutputs - Any references to Darksend are now referred to as Fortuna, Darksend no longer functions as usual, Ring Sigs have taken its place as our go to privacy feature - Added Native Tor Optional Support (Start Denarius with the nativetor=1 flag to run with Native Tor with OBFS), Denarius now requires the libevent dependency to be built. (For those running a Ubuntu daemon, simply run ``` sudo apt-get install libevent-dev ``` to be able to compile Denarius) - Added Ring Signatures, supporting anon txs after block 1.35 million and with protocol 30000, minimum Ring Signature Size supported will be 5, Recommended 16 - Fixed the known Hybrid Masternode exploit, the exploit fix patch goes live on block 1.35 million, ensure all your nodes are updated to v3.0.0 before block 1.35m! - Denarius's Protocol is now 30000, after block 1.35 million, older protocol clients will no longer connect to the network - Updated Splash Screen - Lots of miscellaneous updates and improvements to Denarius Get it here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases You can git pull in your current cloned repo of Denarius to pull the newly updated "master" branch to recompile and update! EVERYONE MUST UPDATE ASAP BEFORE BLOCK 1.35 MILLION, ALL NODES AND WALLETS MUST UPDATE, THIS INCLUDES ALL MINING POOLS, MASTERNODES, NODES, EXPLORERS, SPV SERVERS, and NORMAL WALLETS.
  7. Carsen

    What do you want to see?

    This is just a quick poll to just gauge interest in certain features of Denarius. Feel free to put other suggestions here or make a proposal or idea writeup in these forums.
  8. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    You can use either or, you just want to make sure you are using/installing QT5 and not QT4, everything else should be practically the same.
  9. Absolutely amazing! Looks like you made it on the front page of /r/cryptocurrency on Reddit, Congratulations!! Upvoted, and Resteemed too!
  10. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    Great! Glad you got it sorted! Haha it is always the small things lol
  11. Carsen

    Old wallet after block 640k

    You could try importing your privkeys into the Coinomi app on Android or iOS. You can also run the commands in your native Denarius QT wallet: repairwallet scanforalltxns
  12. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    Well it would be something with your deps that you have installed, I would go back from the beginning of the tutorial and go step by step again, maybe best to reinstall the OS on your Raspberry to know you are starting from scratch, probably from the ppa, try doing just a: sudo apt-get install libdb4.8++-dev If you could maybe paste more of your make compile here it would be helpful in knowing what the actual error it is that you are getting as well.
  13. Carsen

    Help!!!!! My Wallet stopped syncing

    Close Denarius, Then in the same place you found your debug.log (The Denarius Data Directory) remove everything except for your wallet.dat (back that up as it contains your funds/private keys) Then download the chaindata.zip from: https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip Extract its contents into the Denarius data directory and reopen Denarius. Should be good to go and you should see your funds, if you don't for some reason, run the command in the Debug Window/Console: scanforalltxns
  14. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    You do need full QT 5, my post above should include all the necessary packages.
  15. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    That is a PPA for Ubuntu specifically, not Raspbian. "Error: could not find a distribution template for Raspbian/stretch" So try installing db4.8 with: sudo apt-get install libdb++-dev or the equivalent command for your OS.
  16. Carsen

    Denarius v2.5.2

    The staking tab only shows estimations and can be inaccurate. Before it would display all transactions that ever happened in your wallet, now it will only show transactions you still own/hold. It is still a bit buggy and we hope to get it fully fixed up by v2.6 you should still stake as usual though, coins must be aged a minimum of 8 hours.
  17. Carsen

    Denarius v2.5.2

    Denarius v2.5.2 -Added a splash screen upon closing the QT wallet -Masternode UI improvements! You can now utilize the "My Masternode" tab in the QT wallet to manage your masternodes visually! -Added the **"-mnconflock" option** (default is locked mnconflock=1) to lock masternode collateral -Masternodes with coins locked with this option will be able to now **stake rewards** without worrying about staking the masternode vin/input -Watch Only Inputs now no longer show in Coin Control -Balance issues were fixed, this was due to how Staking balances were displayed before in the QT, you should no longer see your balances changing like they did before. -Masternode List now refreshes faster -Added **"fetchbalance"** RPC command, to fetch all balances (total, stake, stakeable, unconfirmed, immature, locked, unlocked, and watch only) -More QT Wallet improvements overall -Added **UTXO Splitting Tool** to Coin Control (You can now create Unspent Transaction Outputs in the QT) -Added Selected Amount to the Transactions tab, you can now select multiple TXs and find out the total in the QT Additional Notes: The My Masternodes Tab now works - use it to add your masternode configuration via the GUI if you're not comfortable with the masternode.conf editing. This tab will auto-load anything you have configured in masternode.conf already, and show each one of your masternodes & their online status. Masternode collateral is now locked by default and will not show in coin control. Balances now display differently: The "Stake" balance has been removed and is now part of "Immature" balance which will show any immature balances from both coins that staked or newly minted coins from your wallet. A new "Available for Stake" balance has been added which shows the total amount of coins in your wallet which are mature enough to be used for staking. Coins which are locked for masternode collateral are now listed seperately in a "Locked" balance The 'Spendable' balance now only shows coins that you can actually spend - i.e. your total balance minus immature and locked coins Watch only balances will now show immature coins as well These balances are all available for your external usage via a new RPC command 'fetchbalance' Locked masternode collateral will no longer stake, meaning you can turn on your staking in the QT 'cold' wallet. Staking will then auto-combine the multiple inputs you get from masternode payments into one larger amount, keeping down the size/complexity of your wallet file. Coin Control has been updated and will no longer show watch only balances or the masternode collateral, and you can now safely use automatic sending to send your 'Spendable' balance to a single address without breaking any of your masternode collateral inputs, you can now also utilize the UTXO Splitting Tool to split and create UTXOs for use with atomic swaps Get Denarius v2.5.2 for your OS here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v2.5.2
  18. A link to us on the roadmap for Ledger is linked below, you can also vote and comment on the addition. https://trello.com/c/FNur4cWm/98-denarius-support
  19. Carsen

    How to get a custom DNR Adress?

    You want to grab the VanityGen Plus from here: https://github.com/exploitagency/vanitygen-plus/releases You can then use it to generate custom Denarius addresses There is also this older guide for DNR addresses:
  20. Carsen

    Shopping with Denarius

    They want $15,000 a month to provide their services for Denarius. So I would rather we focus on making some open source plugins for merchants ourselves. Currently we already have a WP-Ecommerce plugin available for Denarius payments and I am working on CryptoWoo Denarius payments and a WooCommerce plugin.
  21. Carsen

    coins suddenly disappeared :(

    You want to be running v2.5, there is currently a known cosmetic balance bug issue if you are staking coins. This has been addressed and will be fixed in the upcoming update v2.5.2 If you are fully synced and running v2.5, you can run the commands repairwallet or scanwalletfortxns If you are having trouble syncing, make sure you grab the latest v2.5 nodes from https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dnr/#!network and if you get stuck, remove your old chaindata from your Denarius data directory.
  22. Carsen

    Sync Denarius FAST! Any OS [Chaindata.zip]

    Grab our latest v2.5 wallet, a lot of these issues were resolved!