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    Just release the Master Nodes already!!! People are hungry for it!
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    I'm using Mac OS 10.10.5 I installed current mac wallet on my mac but it keep crashing when I try to open it. anyone using mac wallet successfully?
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    ummmm is that DNR DINNER?!
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    Hi Guys, any other plan's for bigger exchanges? Thank you
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    *puts dunce hat on* I forgot to confirm the transaction via email
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    hi guys, getting in on the forum chat here.. just a thought i was having... the tipping. i think it is all well and good.. and dont get me wrong.. i have profited from it.. but.. with the accessibility of mining and the relative ease in which the algo is solved, is tipping such a good idea. i know that crypto is for the people but would some exclusivity be beneficial in this early stages. once the mining is over.. i definitely see the need for the tipping bots and so forth... but now wouldnt hodling and making it a little more difficult to get be the best for prices..... i dont know.. just my thought.
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    hello all! just another noob to the crypto game. was told about denarius from a friend and realllyyyyyy excited for the future of this coin!!!!!!