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    CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 1700X w/ liquid cooling RAM - 32 GB DDR4 3200+ GPU - 6 GTX 1080s (MSI Gaming X and EVGA FTW2) PSU - 1000w EVGA and 850w EVGA ~300MH/s mining DNR per rig, of which I currently only have 2
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    Put up some commits today, seems to be with the small amount of testing I have done, it is now staying on the correct chain and no debug log errors thus far. More commits will be coming...
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    I don't know if there are any big or good cryptocurrency news websites around but you could try to get an article written on one of those websites to explain the new tribus algo and the concept/benefits of DNR. Also the Youtube channel and maybe a Facebook page would help spread the word easier as people can share and like stuff on those platforms as well. You could also make short videos in which you can give weekly/monthly updates on what you are working on next. This can be done on Youtube or you could even livestream it on Youtube or Twitch, I don't know if other devs ever did a livestream before to talk to the community so you could be a trendsetter here
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    Wookie bro you did an amazing job, build me a house bro! Lol Buzz killed it on the pi installation!! Absolutely blown away!
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    I think I know what coin chart you can put on the 2nd TV. šŸ¤‘
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    Just release the Master Nodes already!!! People are hungry for it!
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    I'm pretty sure I got all of you beat: And no there isn't more, that's all of it.
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    My name is Dan, I am 32 year old and Danish, although I live in Malta (the smallest European country if you do not count the Vatican ;)) I have nine years of experience in the gambling industry, where I have specialised in marketing, content production, user experience design, product development, business development, management and leadership. I have worked across every possible product; bingo, poker, various P2P games, casino and sportsbook. I hold a degree in Business Administration and Management that I completed in June this year. Years ago I used to be a web-designer and do some frontend coding - I have since used that knowledge and applied it for when I used to run a ten-man strong user experience department at one of the largest European gambling sites. I write articles on cryptocurrency at http://cryptovore.com - and my own twitter channel http://twitter.com/CryptovoreCOM - I also have my own mining rigs at home (15 GPUs spread across three systems). I am also highly active on Instagram with my photos that I take when travelling at http://instagram.com/realdanjensen I am also an avid runner, who loves photography and eSports.
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    After a recent windows update I have a wallet installation that stops with an error as attached png. I do have a backup of a few days previously. Anyone got a recommendation on how to get this back up and running?
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    Script setup guide for VPS. If you want to use easy mode for setting up your VPS wallet, try out this script. https://github.com/denariuscrypto/masternode-script This script is so easy and quick, that when its time to update the ubuntu wallet, just reimage your VPS and rerun. Think of the QT Wallet as your remote control and the Ubuntu VPS as your TV. At the end of setup you will turn your TV (VPS) on using the remote (QT wallet). The remote doesn't need to be in the room while you binge on Netflix for the next month. How to setup Windows QT Wallet as the Main Wallet and Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS for the VPS. Read through the guide first. Make sure to copy and paste keys and transactionhash to notepad or paper. Since so many are using Vultr, please spread the network out to different VPS's. I am trying to pick providers that I am pretty sure are located in separate data centers. VPS Digital Ocean https://m.do.co/c/6dffa03c3628 [2FA] Linode https://www.linode.com/pricing [2FA] Quadranet https://www.quadranet.com/infracloud (accepts BTC, LTC, ETH) Hostodo https://hostodo.com/cloud.html Virmach https://billing.virmach.com/aff.php?aff=3972 [2FA] Ramnode https://ramnode.com/vps.php Wholesaleinternet https://www.wholesaleinternet.net/vps/ Kimsufi https://www.kimsufi.com/us/en/vps-ssd.xml OVH https://www.ovh.com/world/vps/vps-ssd.xml Vultr https://www.vultr.com/?ref=7307426 [2FA] Dedicated Wholesaleinternet https://www.wholesaleinternet.net/dedicated/ Kimsufi https://www.kimsufi.com/us/en/servers.xml BuyVM https://buyvm.net/kvm-dedicated-server-slices (accepts BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH) Hosthatch https://hosthatch.com/ssd-vps [2FA] Deal Blogroll https://lowendbox.com/ Server Discussions Lowendtalk https://lowendtalk.com/categories/offers Youtube Video Guide Below is how to setup the QT Wallet for this, which the script does try to guide the user with already. TIPS: On putty right click or shift+insert will paste a command when entering a password, the field will be blank Setup QT Wallet 1. Make sure your wallet is fully synced before proceeding further. Using the QT wallet, enter the debug console (Help > Debug window). This step will generate a masternode private key, please note this down and this will be required later. Type the following command: masternode genkey 2. Get masternode address for your masternode. Replace masternodename with your desired masternode name. getaccountaddress masternodename 3. Send from your wallet exactly 5,000 DNR to the address you generated from step 2. Ensure you get 20 confirmation before proceeding. 4. Get the outputs of the transaction of the 5,000 DNR send to your masternode address. The long hash is your Transaction Hash and the number after is the Transaction Index. Please note this down and this will be required later. masternode outputs 5. Navigate to your users Roaming folder. Copy and paste %AppData% This should show you the Roaming folder and find Denarius folder. 6. In the denarius folder we will create a denarius.conf file, if it is has not been created already. Copy and paste the configuration below to your denarius.conf file. staking=0 addnodes to the bottom of the denarius.conf above, this could help with syncing issues, not required though. 7. Create and save another configuration file called masternode.conf in the same location as denarius.conf. <Alias name of your choice> <VPS IP address>:9999 <Private Key from step 1> <TransactionHash from step 4> <Transaction Index from step 4> Example: MNDNR DF92WPpkqbr7s6Si4fdsfssjjapuFzAXwETCrpPJubnrmU6aKzh c8f4965ea57a68d0e6dd384324dfd28cfbe0c801015b973e7331db8ce018716999 1 8. Ensure you close or restart your main wallet. Start masternode remotely - QT wallet From your main computer, go to the debug console and verify masternode.conf file is setup properly masternode list-conf Make sure the data output here matches the information entered in the masternode.conf file. If not, edit the file and correct the data. You will have to restart the main wallet, if you update the masternode.conf file. If the masternode configuration matches then we can finally start the masternode. Here is the command to get going on the VPS. And setup 1 MN per VPS you cheapskates! apt-get install python -y wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/buzzkillb/masternode-script/master/denarius.py && python denarius.py or for the no compile wallet that gets from hashbag.cc apt-get install python -y wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/buzzkillb/masternode-script/master/denarius-nocompile.py && python denarius-nocompile.py Once this is done get into the directory with su mn1. I would give this a good 20 minutes to make sure its synced up with the tail command below. Some more commands below once in there. Status=9 means its working. su mn1 denariusd getinfo denariusd masternode status denariusd masternode debug tail -f ~/.denarius/debug.log tail -f ~/.denarius/debug.log | grep -i enabled To update script su -c "denariusd stop" mn1 && cd /opt/Denarius/src && git pull && make -f makefile.unix && cp denariusd /usr/local/bin/denariusd && su -c "denariusd" mn1 Start the masternode by executing the following on QT Wallet (QT Wallet needs to be unlocked): masternode start-alias <alias name specified in masternode.conf> If the output says ā€œmasternode is stoppedā€ then run the following command: masternode start Verify on VPS masternode - VPS wallet Login as root and at the prompt to get to denariusd type su mn1 To ensure the masternode is running properly you can use the debug and status commands: denariusd masternode debug If there are no issues, there should be a message returned with no problems found. denariusd masternode status You should get a status 9 if the masternode is active and there is no issue! How to read debug log on VPS wallet. tail -f ~/.denarius/debug.log After a while of disconnects on the debug.log, you will eventually see this below while you catch up with the blockchain. You can see if your masternode is listed on the QT wallet - Masternode Icon > Denarius Network tab. If it does not appear straight away, give it 30mins and restart the wallet to check if your masternode shows up on the list If you watch the debug.log while you run masternode start-alias masternodename from the QT wallet, you might be able to catch the screenshot below. Masternode Status Codes MASTERNODE_NOT_PROCESSED: 0 MASTERNODE_IS_CAPABLE: 1 MASTERNODE_NOT_CAPABLE: 2 MASTERNODE_STOPPED: 3 MASTERNODE_INPUT_TOO_NEW: 4 MASTERNODE_PORT_NOT_OPEN: 6 MASTERNODE_PORT_OPEN: 7 MASTERNODE_SYNC_IN_PROCESS: 8 MASTERNODE_REMOTELY_ENABLED: 9
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    We are proud to announce our NEW POOL FOR DENARIUS *Welcome to http://denariuspool.cloud a dedicated mining pool for DENARIUS, with TRIBUS ALGO!* *FEATURES* - Anonymous mining - Personal mining stats - Address.workers for multiple stats - Reward type: PROP (Proportional. When block is found, the reward is distributed among all workers proportionally to how much shares each of them has found) - Stratum and auto vardiff for efficient mining - Backup server cluster for high High Availability & Downtime - No fee payout, auto payout 0.1 DENARIUS - 1% fees DOWNLOAD WHATEVER SOFTWARE YOU'D LIKE FOR CPU, GPU AND START MINING NOW! stratum+tcp://denariuspool.cloud:5555 ( Auto VarDiff from 0.1 to 65000 ) NVIDIA CCMiner: ccminer-x64 -a tribus -o stratum+tcp://denariuspool.cloud:5555 -u YourDenariusAddress.workername -p x --cpu-priority=3 --intensity 22 AMD Genoil Miner sgminer.exe -k tribus -o stratum+tcp://denariuspool.cloud:5555 -u YourUserName.YourWorkerName -p AnyPassword
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    Hello everyone! I thought I would start a topic here in Development for the upcoming Denariium client. It is still a work in progress and I will try to update this thread as updates come. Currently I have the denariiumx-server syncing with denariusd perfectly, I just need those who wish to setup volunteer Denariium nodes for connection with the Denariium client. It is currently in the works, the github repos are available here: https://github.com/carsenk/denariiumx-server (The Denariium Server) (Python 3.6 required) https://github.com/carsenk/denariium (The Denariium Client) (Python 2 required) If you have a fix or additions, etc. please put a pull request up on the github! I have yet to test if the Denarius WIF, P2PKH, P2SH, P2WPKH, etc. are correct yet. I recently updated the way denariusd returns the getblock RPC command, this change was needed for the Denariium code to sync blocks properly. I may eventually be adding the estimatefee RPC command as well to add this functionality to Denariium (currently it is running off a fakeestimationfeedaemon). Once everything is setup and running smoothly the website denariium.org will come with more information, along with downloads to the client.
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    List of extra accessories needed to make a mining rig Add PCI express beyond what is supported on your motherboard https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNKESIN-PCI-E-to-PCI-E-adapter-1-turn-4PCI-E-PCI-E-slot-one-to/32817239116.html GPU power connectors 6 pin GPU to Molex (8 pin variants also available) 6 pin GPU to SATA power adapter (8 pin variants are also available) "NEVER convert to or from SATA. You can convert from Molex to 6-Pin, or vice versa - but never SATA. Only buy high-quality adapters which use 16 AWG and better cabling. 18 AWG is okay in a pinch, but at a ~13 amp DC limit, it'll be pushing the limitations of thin wiring. Use this handy table to decide how to split power between connectors. It is always best to buy a fully modular power supply and extra harnesses with the desired connectors if your PSU supports it." https://www.reddit.com/r/EtherMining/wiki/hardware/risers Daniel [email protected]_twitter "Depending on your card and power use they will just melt" Multiple PSUs You can add multiple PSUs to supply the GPUs with the power they need. To turn on a PSU you need to short the Green wire to GND. Adapters like the one below will do this automatically when the PC is turned on. Or the DIY way : Green wire hack http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-power-up-an-ATX-Power-Supply-without-a-PC/ Links in no particular order, a click away to getting started. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNKESIN-PCI-E-PCI-Express-Riser-Card-16x-USB-3-0-Data-Cable-SATA-to-8Pin/32821703989.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNKESIN-Mining-power-supply-synchronous-start-line-multi-power-supply-24PIN-four-power-start-board-ether/32823400359.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CNKESIN-PCI-E-to-PCI-E-adapter-1-turn-4PCI-E-PCI-E-slot-one-to/32817239116.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-50sets-6-2Pin-Female-PCI-Express-PCIe-Connector-with-300PCS-Terminal-pins-Plug-Black/32425923400.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.10.76bb35b4TisXxR&traffic_analysisId=recommend_3035_null_null_null&scm=1007.13338.80878.000000000000000&pvid=2b040158-b6b2-475e-9632-6cc2e70797eb&tpp=1 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/PC-PSU-ATX-24-pin-female-to-dual-PCI-E-6-pin-male-converter-adapter-GPU/32417942189.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.2.he9hD2&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10152_10065_10151_10068_5400011_5430020_5410020_10307_10137_10060_10155_10154_10056_10055_10054_10059_100031_10099_10103_10102_10052_10053_10142_10107_10050_10051_5380020_10171_5390020_10084_10083_10119_5370020_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_5420020_10112_10113_10114_10312_10313_10314_10315_10078_10079_10073_10120-10120,searchweb201603_1,ppcSwitch_2&btsid=b358a17a-cd12-4383-9aac-ad888572c9ce&algo_expid=3827f8c4-2e49-4017-bbf8-52c1080576d7-0&algo_pvid=3827f8c4-2e49-4017-bbf8-52c1080576d7 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/20X-8Pin-6-2pin-PCI-E-pcie-GPU-to-Dual-4pin-Molex-IDE-power-cable-for/32820443560.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.65.iuYb4R&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_10152_10065_10151_10068_5400011_5430020_5410020_10307_10137_10060_10155_10154_10056_10055_10054_10059_100031_10099_10103_10102_10052_10053_10142_10107_10050_10051_5380020_10171_5390020_10084_10083_10119_5370020_10080_10082_10081_10110_10111_5420020_10112_10113_10114_10312_10313_10314_10315_10078_10079_10073_10120,searchweb201603_1,ppcSwitch_2&btsid=409facd1-3ca0-448e-ae19-30ec6c03017f&algo_expid=bd1f031e-8d6d-4ee2-be1b-e48683d00205-9&algo_pvid=bd1f031e-8d6d-4ee2-be1b-e48683d00205 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CPU-8Pin-to-Graphics-Video-Card-Double-PCI-E-PCIe-8Pin-6Pin-2Pin-Power-Supply-Splitter/32788172460.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000014.6.5e687e629oTVHB&traffic_analysisId=recommend_3035_null_null_null&scm=1007.13338.80878.000000000000000&pvid=7afc5e46-4422-4e51-88cc-6e4af4a6fdf1&tpp=1 Build a rig inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWu2d6_bF5M
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    Hacked? I know there was some server issues, but hacked? How much was stolen? I'm also on hashbag and would like to know what for security steps are taking to prevent another hacker attack?
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    So far so good, The new wallet is cool; It was a nice build, definitely not built by a fool. Lol. Hope my Rhymes where cool? Nice Work There Carsen... you really did a nice job on the wallet...
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    updated ccminer available now with improved DNR algo https://hashbag.cc/ccminer-2.2-skunk.zip includes hashbag urls in the batch files original 7z version at http://ccminer.org/preview/ccminer-2.2-skunk.7z
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    Good job everyone, and thank you all for donating. You are the best! Now let's spread the word everywhere on Twitter, like, retweet, get the message out there:
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    Nice one mate, I've jumped on and voted. @Carsen
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    In my case I have the wallet on I tried with a remote PC for solo mining (remote but on my LAN that is) Asterisk wildcard works OK rpcallowip=192.168.1.* Subnet does not work rpcallowip= And of course the miner must specify the IP of the wallet PC -o
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    Just found that we can embed Gitter in to the forum as a side car! This would be a cool addition and its basically putting both are main comm's for Denarius in to one section. Link to find: https://sidecar.gitter.im/ Add some Gitter to your site Sidecar is a (mostly) code-free way of embedding Gitter into your website with a simple JavaScript snippet. It works out of the box with no customization, or you can control its behaviour with some basic configuration. Just copy and paste it into your site: <script> ((window.gitter = {}).chat = {}).options = { room: 'denariusproject' }; </script> <script src="https://sidecar.gitter.im/dist/sidecar.v1.js" async defer></script> Overview Primarily sidecar has an activation element that will show sidecar and a target element where sidecar gets loaded. These elements are specified by default but can be customised (see below). UI Customisation If you need a custom button or want to insert the chat in your own element, use the following setup: Activation element: The "Open Chat" button Target element: The wrapper element that the chat is embedded into <script> ((window.gitter = {}).chat = {}).options = { room: 'gitterHQ/sidecar', activationElement: '.my-special-button', targetElement: '.my-special-target-element' }; </script> Toggle Buttons You can define toggle/open/close buttons in your page using the .js-gitter-toggle-chat-button class and an optional data-gitter-toggle-chat-state attribute. If you do not provide a data-gitter-toggle-chat-state, it will default to 'toggle'. See the examples/toggle-chat-class-buttons example. <button class="js-gitter-toggle-chat-button">Toggle Chat</button> <button class="js-gitter-toggle-chat-button" data-gitter-toggle-chat-state="true">Open Chat</button> <button class="js-gitter-toggle-chat-button" data-gitter-toggle-chat-state="false">Close Chat</button> Examples Basic Toggle chat, show/hide Create and Destroy chat Options Set options with the global window option: <script> ((window.gitter = {}).chat = {}).options = { room: 'gitterHQ/sidecar' }; </script> You can also override these options individually on the target element: <div class="gitter-chat-embed" data-room="gitterHQ/sidecar" ></div> options.room: string - This is the Gitter room that sidecar will load (gitterHQ/sidecar) Acceptable values: string Default: undefined options.targetElement: Where you want to embed the chat. Acceptable values: Dom node, array of dom nodes, or a string selector Default: Elements that match '.gitter-chat-embed' options.activationElement: When options.showChatByDefault is false, this is the element you have to click/interact with to get the chat to actually embed, "Open Chat" button. Acceptable values: Dom node, array of dom nodes, a string selector, or boolean Default: undefined Note: This will automatically get generated if you don't specify it (undefined, or true) Note: Passing in false or null will disable the activation element options.showChatByDefault: Whether to embed the chat on page load(true) or wait until the options.activation is resolved/clicked/interacted with(false). Acceptable values: boolean Default: false Note: Use with caution, useful for use cases where you have a page dedicated to chat. options.useStyles: This will embed CSS into your document to style the activation and target element. If you want to customise these, set this option to false and specify your own CSS. Acceptable values: boolean Default: true preload: Whether the Gitter chat iframe should be loaded in when the chat embed instance is created(this is the page load for default embed) Acceptable values: boolean Default: false Window Options: You can set any of the chat options above in this object as well window.gitter.chat.options.disableDefaultChat: Stop the default chat from loading on the page when including the Sidecar script. So you can handle the Gitter chat creation yourself. The default chat is stored on window.gitter.chat.defaultChat. API gitter.Chat var chat = new window.gitter.Chat(/* options */);` options (getter): Get a readable copy of the options used for this chat instance toggleChat(isChatOpen): Function/method - Takes a boolean which toggles the visibility of the chat panel This can be used an explicit show/hide method by passing in a explict show(true) or hide(false) boolean. destroy(): Function/method - Clean-up and remove any elements created by the embed Events Emitted on Document: gitter-sidecar-ready: Emitted when the sidecar script has loaded and is available via window.gitter gitter-sidecar-instance-started: Emitted after any Sidecar chat instance has initialized Data: chat: The sidecar chat instance that was initialized Emitted on Target Element: gitter-chat-toggle: Emitted whenever the chat is opened or closed Data: state: Whether it was opened(true) or closed(false) gitter-chat-started: Emitted after the Sidecar chat instance has initialized Data: chat: The sidecar chat instance that was initialized example: document.querySelector('.gitter-chat-embed').addEventListener('gitter-chat-toggle', function(e) { console.log(e.detail.state ? 'Chat Opened' : 'Chat Closed'); });
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    Grab the latest QT wallet with IPFS built in and have 0.1 D or at least something small to pay the PoD fee. IPFS is free and can skip the PoD portion of this if you just want to upload files. Lets pick a good file to Proof of Data against and then upload into IPFS. Current Release: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.3.9.6 QT Wallet: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v3.3.9.6/Denarius-v3.3.9.6-Win64.zip Download a file, I am going to use the denarius logo from denarius.io and lets proof of data this and upload to IPFS as a great example of how powerful this is. Here's a link but just right click the image on the homepage and save to your hard drive. https://i2.wp.com/denarius.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/denarius-256.png?w=256&ssl=1 Go to the Jupiter Tab Select your file, in this case select the image file we just downloaded. Click Upload to IPFS (The Wallet will freeze while the upload is taking place) After the upload you will get an IPFS Hash along with being able to click the link to see the file in your web browser. Success, and currently there are file limits on uploading through the wallet. I was not able to upload the QT.zip yet. Lets Proof of Data this file for good measure, so the original hash is located on the Denarius blockchain. Go to Proof of Data tab in QT Wallet Select our image, then put a simple narration in and then click Create Timestamp This now gives us a D address where the hash matches the image. Now if we download the image we uploaded to IPFS we can verify the file against the blockchain by checking against PoD again. Here is our set in the blockchain address based on the image file or can Click Check Transaction to get to your PoD transaction. https://www.coinexplorer.net/D/address/DQQxYgD1KPzmoQGeL1JyXZk2JhZPfiaXsY
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    @EnterpointYohan Remove everything in your Denarius data directory (C:/Users/<yourname>/AppData/Roaming/Denarius) EXCEPT for your wallet.dat (back that up), then grab the latest chaindata from here and unzip it into that folder (you should see a blk*.dat and txleveldb folder after extraction in the Roaming/Denarius/ root) You can get the latest chaindata from here: https://gitlab.com/denarius/chain/raw/master/chaindata2290877.zip Also ensure you grab our latest release v3.3.9.3 https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases This is an error relating to the txleveldb (your chaindata) being corrupt, Windows can do this possibly after an update if the wallet was open when the computer was turned off/rebooted or possibly Anti-Virus software trying to read/move files.
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    Playing with using denariusd and tor in their own docker network. I am bypassing denariusd nativetor for some other reasons right now. denariusd:alpha is the test branch I am creating on docker hub using the latest denariusd wallet daemon. ~/.denarius/denarius.conf should be populated along with /etc/tor/torrc docker-compose.yml version: '3.2' services: tor: image: buzzkillb/tor:alpine container_name: tor networks: - tor_network volumes: - /etc/tor/torrc:/etc/tor/torrc restart: always denariusd: image: buzzkillb/denariusd:alpha container_name: denariusd volumes: - ~/.denarius:/data command: -debug=0 network_mode: service:tor depends_on: - tor restart: always networks: tor_network: external: true docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 48e24fa60efd buzzkillb/denariusd:alpha "denariusd --datadirā€¦" 8 seconds ago Up 7 seconds denariusd 81119081a083 buzzkillb/tor:alpine "/bin/sh -c '/usr/biā€¦" 19 seconds ago Up 17 seconds 53/udp, 9050/tcp tor Connecting into the TOR nodes I have setup all over the place, something like this should appear in the denariusd logs. docker logs denariusd -f SetBestChain: new best=8499db50db63985aa0ad height=2235381 trust=14348364472433105438 blocktrust=1048577 date=08/03/19 15:48:36 SOCKS5 connected hrzdbqp4vjbohsvg.onion send version message: version 33500, blocks=2235381, us=tyfj5y64rlocawsb.onion:33369, them=hrzdbqp4vjbohsvg.onion:33369, peer=hrzdbqp4vjbohsvg.onion:33369 SetBestChain: new best=000000000019e5f675cb height=2235382 trust=14348373734367204915 blocktrust=9261934099477 date=08/03/19 15:48:44 SOCKS5 connecting 6nw6dekrzc2s5i2w.onion Once I get this working like I want, I will throw in a VPN connection.
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    stage 3, qt wallet place hodler #02-denariusqt folder layout #wallpaper pi-gen/stage3/02-denariusqt/files/Lava-PI-2.jpg nano 00-packages libqt5gui5 libqt5core5a libqt5dbus5 qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools qt5-default nano 05-run.sh Throw in custom denarius lava pi by icanhaz and setup the Denarius QT compile. After compile copy Denarius binary to user pi desktop. #!/bin/bash -e install -m 644 files/Lava-PI-2.jpg "{ROOTFS_DIR}/usr/share/rpd-wallpaper/" on_chroot << EOF cd denarius export QT_SELECT=qt5 qmake -v qmake "USE_NATIVETOR=-" "USE_UPNP=1" "USE_QRCODE=1" OPENSSL_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/ssl/include OPENSSL_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/ssl/lib denarius-qt.pro makeļ»æļ»æ cp Denarius /home/pi/Desktop/Denarius EOF chmod +x 05-run.sh
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    adding script I am working on for both daemon and QT https://github.com/buzzkillb/denarius-pi3
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    Folks, I just ordered a new computer that I intend to solely use for mining. It is not a mining rig. Here are some specs that I think are important. CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X 3.8GHz [4.0GHz Turbo] Eight-Core 16MB L3 Cache 180W Processor CS_FAN: 3X 120mm Case Fans for your selected case [+9] HD_M2SSD: 512GB WD Black Series PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD - Seq R/W: Up to 2050/700 MB/s, Rnd R/W up to 170/130k [+224] (Single Drive) HDD: 1TB WD Black SATA-III 6.0Gb/s 7200 RPM HDD [+37] (1TB x 2 (2 TB Capacity) RAID 0 Super Performance [+89]) MEMORY: 16GB (4GBx4) DDR4/3000MHz Quad Channel Memory (ADATA XPG Z1) MOTHERBOARD: ASUS ROG X399 ZENITH EXTREME E-ATX w/ RGB, 10Gb/s LAN, WiGig 802.11AD WiFi, USB 3.1, 4 PCIe x16, 1 PCIe x1, 1 PCIe x4, 6 SATA3, 3 M.2 SATA/PCIe, 1x U.2 [+357] NETWORK: Onboard Gigabit LAN Network OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit Edition) [+31] OVERCLOCK: Pro OC (Performance Overclock 10% or more) [+19] POWERSUPPLY: 800 Watts - Standard 80 Plus Certified Power Supply - SLI/CrossFireX Ready [-6] VIDEO: EVGA GeForceĀ® GTX 1060 Superclocked 6GB GDDR5 (Pascal)[VR Ready] [+81] (Single Card) I'm concerned that since I have such a good CPU and a moderate GPU that I will be limited while mining. Can a mining program be setup to use both resources?
  38. 1 point
    My entry is: march 15, 2018 @ 15:20 US EST 2018-03-15 15:20:18 DGMHrFoModh6a9oh52GpsQPekD2naZHUxt #SADDESTHOE
  39. 1 point
    You all win for entering, thanks for entering the contest and the great memes! PM or DM me on Discord with your Denarius addresses!
  40. 1 point
    Cool, thanks for the quick response. Does that mean that my windows wallet now is using the same private key as my paper wallet? so if I moved DNR from my windows wallet then it would also be reflected in the paper wallet? What I'm getting at is, this is a definite IMPORT of a private key (ie sharing the same private key across paper and windows wallet) and not a SWIPE of a private key (whereby it transactions the DNR coin balance out of the paper wallet and deposits into the windows wallet which has it's own separate private key)? Thanks for the help
  41. 1 point
    Hi Guys, any other plan's for bigger exchanges? Thank you
  42. 1 point
    This ticker is working great! i love it! It was way easier to install than i thought too, less than 2 min.
  43. 1 point
    Good stuff mate The more pools the better. I will check it out in a bit
  44. 1 point
    So far I have sent Enkayz his half of the dontaion which was : [OK] recostar's balance is 14.44231590 DNR I am currently waiting on seeing Kawaii Crypto online and will send him his half
  45. 1 point
    i am assuming your using windows, make sure hidden folders is unchecked in windows, see this guide if you dont know how, https://www.technipages.com/show-hidden-files-windows After that navigate to C:Users/yourname/appdata/roaming/denarius in that folder is all your data, make a back up of your wallet.dat file as thats your critical wallet info for recovery. and make a text doc and paste the following in it and save as denarius.conf file rpcuser=yourusername rpcpassword=yourpassword rpcallowip= rpcport=32339 server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= i think this should get you going
  46. 1 point
    A bonus one, not my entry, Twitter did not like
  47. 1 point
    You can also donate to "carsenk" via the transfer method on Cryptopia, We only need 0.13 BTC or 37k DOT more!
  48. 1 point
    Yeah got my pals to jump on a vote up as well Guna try and get some work pals to do the same lol
  49. 1 point
    14 - just voted! Getting this distributed on Twitter, hopefully helps a bit!
  50. 1 point
    Welcome to DenariusTalk.org! Welcome to the Official Denarius Community Forums! Discuss all things relating to Denarius [DNR] the cryptocurrency! Make sure you familiar yourself with the rules of the forum and have fun!
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