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    The wallet can sync from block 1 though.
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    This is a very easy way to track addresses from your android phone. Like watching masternode payments live. Download Coldfolio from https://whopper.io/ which links to the Google Play Store. Add a card Select your Crypto from the List Scan QR Code from the Denarius QT Wallet go to receive tab, click address and then click below Show QR Code Label your Card in Coldfolio and double check you only have the address This example shows the ?label=MN2, delete this part. This can always be modified later by hodling down the card and clicking modify. Keep track of your staking, masternodes, balances.
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    Or try this to connect to both tor and clearnet nodes. staking=1 listen=0 tor= addnode=uefhefkuzrzfz6mz.onion:9999 addnode=bxobi3iasetjpiob.onion:9999
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