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    Hey everybody! We are doing another Denarius Meme Contest! Contest Guidelines: Make a unique meme for Denarius The meme can be funny, clever, etc. keep it positive The meme you make must be posted here with a link to your Twitter account tweeting it, If you get the most retweets and "Thank You"s here on the forum you and the runner up will win. The contest ends Monday 7/24/2017. The main logo is attached for ease of use in any meme you'd like! One entry per person, no multiple accounts, if you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified and banned from the forums. Whats the prize? 50 DNR to the winner with the most retweets 15 DNR to the runner up with the most retweets 15 DNR to the one that gets the most likes here on DenariusTalk (No retweets required) 10 DNR to my favorite pick (no retweets or likes required)!
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    Edit: This is not my entry, the twitter one above is, this is something I thought of afterwards.
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    Here are my entries, I'm suprised to be the first one to show them but here it is
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    Hello everyone! Giveaway #2 for Denarius The last giveaway was such a huge success, we are going to do it again, but this time, with a limit of 500 people! Each person to post here with their DNR address will receive 1 DNR, Payouts will be made shortly after we get near or hit our limit! Share this to everyone you know! Limit 1 post per person, no multiple accounts or entries.
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    hey guys we need help to get denarius listed on poloniex, if everyone who reads this post goes to https://poloniex.com/coinRequest and helps ask for DNR to be listed then we have a good chance of getting it done, which means higher prices for you and larger profits later on
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    Okay, I got some mini-idea. Like when @Carsen makes new giveaway (if it happens) we could ask now to put tweet with some DNR-promo-message and not just DNR wallet address. I think it's pretty straightforward so no detailed explanation needed. We could put minimal-limit like at least 30 followers or something. What do you think, forum?
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    Will it be possible to add Denarius to Minergate?That would be nice promotion.
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    a really good project, but todays mobile game also YUGE for RPG tower defence etc game type, why not try mobile gaming I think all people on the world use smart phone nowadays
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    via Imgflip Meme Generator
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    Progress Update: 08-18-2017 Thanks to @Carsen, @buzzkillb and @KawaiiCrypto, I have been able to test transactions being performed and received for purchases. As it stands, the code can look for payments that are listed with a note as a sort of key, enabling verified but not tracked transfers. The GitHub repo posted in the second reply has gotten a new commit. Next step tomorrow is to make a demo app and add the PHP script filter between the wallet and the application. The API is making progress guys! I'm excited for what is gonna come!
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    Denarius v1.0.4.0 Is now available! 7/31/2017 Added calculated USD Balance on Overview page Removed old Tor integration code and libevent dep requirement Added addnode RPC command (You can now do <addnode ipaddress add> in console window or with <./denariusd addnode ipaddress>) Cleaned up makefiles Fixed some staking verbiage in QT wallet Fixed UPNP on Compiled Windows QT (Should now sync easier for most) Added another checkpoint https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v1.0.4.0
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    Hey everybody! Coinomi just added Denarius [DNR] to their Android Wallet app! (It is rumored they will have a Desktop Wallet coming out soon as well) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinomi.wallet Download and Install Coinomi on your Android device and then go to "Add Coins" and Denarius is now available to use as a mobile wallet, you can also import DNR private keys and export them. More information about the Coinomi App: https://coinomi.com/
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    100,000 Blocks mined - 29/07/17
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    There appears to have been some corruption in the wallet so payouts were higher than what the wallet could do, so they just weren't working. I've backed those payments up and will restore them ASAP, once I figure out what's going on with the wallet.
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    Greetings! Some of you might know that I used to develop online RPGs with 3 successful games: Kanium, Ultix Empires and Talusia Online. I built these games years a go and I haven't really done anything in the passed 3 years in regards to game development. I recently had a idea for a game that incorporates Denarius which may draw more attention from gamer's to crypto currencies such and DNR and wanted to get some thoughts / ideas from you guys. I used to be a good VB6 coder, but that language is basically dead, and only used for training purposes, so the engine I created in VB over the space of 10 years is outdated and canny crap now. One of my old friends, who still works in the game industry has said that I can use the engine he has developed for free which is powerful .NET engine. The game would not be all fancy 3D graphics, as I deal more in retro style top down 2D games, like Zelda and rough like games. Here is a really old screenshots of TalusiaOnline (2006) to get an idea of style I want to do: TalusiaOnline had over 400 Accounts created with an active player base of around 230-300 players at a time. The game I will be making will be much better than the screenshot above, that is old, just wanted to show a general idea of 2D prospective. My Idea is to have a world that is based on crypto currency mining, battling monsters PvE, PvP, quests and such. The main antagonist is trying to destroy nodes in the game to destroy the crypto world (have a full story which I will post later, this is just a general post to get peoples feelings on if I should do this or not). I will of course be incorporate Denarius in to the game as a actually currency along side a made up general game currency. So players can use DNR to buy extra stuff in game (not actually needed to play the game, its an extra if you want to buy stuff) but to have it so players can convert in game currency in to actual DNR to get in the real world So the more you play the game and get stronger (level up) and better at mining/battling you will be earning DNR as you play I will post a list of features the engine has, as well as extra's I will be hard-coding in to game for this projects purpose. If this starts and I get good interest from people I may need a few with game development history to help me out. Thoughts/ideas/feedback all welcome Screenshot6.bmp
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    its doing fine... nice job @carsen will let you know if there are any glitches by and by...big ups to you and team mates
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    Congrats Denarians... y'all made it happen
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    i found Denarius on bitcointalk, it had some early detractors which is why i didnt pick it up straight away, i carried on reading the incoming posts and decided to go all in on it after reading through all info i could find on it
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    I won 11 in the meme contest and as originally planned I want to give them back to the community. I will top it up with 9 from my own stack (I know it isn'tmuch but it is some). So that makes it 20 in total from my side. Would anyone here be willing to add to the pool for the competition? every little help, even 1 DNR. This competition would be to create a video on DNR, it could be ANYTHING, how to video, what denarius is, perhaps a talk on Denarius, perhaps an analysis, or perhaps something funny - the sky is the limit. What do you guys think and do you want to contribute? Carsen can handle the address where coins are stored for the competition to make it transparent.
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    Find below Denarius Submission. From Exchanges, to online wallets to even private companies. Everything that Denarius has been submitted to will be displayed here so we can keep a trace on the coins progression through the crypto world. Help us by voting / submitting or requesting the coin on as many markets, exchanges and wallets as possible: Approved / Completed: CoinExchange = Approved NovaExchange = Approved Cryptopia = Approved Coinomi = Approved Pending: Coingain = Pending Requested / Awaiting Approval / Response: Coinpayments = Coin Requested, awaiting approval Gourl = Contacted, waiting for reply FreeWallet = Requested / Needs Votes: Vote Here! Milestones: 100,000 Blocks mined - 29/07/17
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    Hey everybody! The Denarius Whitescroll is now available to all! https://denarius.io/whitescroll.pdf Revisions and updates may be made over time to the technical paper.
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    Boy you rock, how you did it with the meme #2 beats. Congrats all the same
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    hi guys, can i get link to join the slack team???
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    Check out my rig - it is pretty slow, but I got it for free from a friend so as soon as I solve my first block, I am in the green! Edit: Awesome rigs you guys have! I am a bit jelly.
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    Making some DNR stickers! I might occasionally add more things if I make new designs or come up with new items. If you want a particular design on a different item, just ask! Standard DNR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bluetoothboy/works/27289475-denarius-dnr-standard-coin?asc=u Pixel Sort DNR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bluetoothboy/works/27289270-denarius-dnr-pixel-sort?asc=u Dark DNR: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bluetoothboy/works/27289424-denarius-dnr-dark-coin?asc=u More coming soon!
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    Ok, having fun again..
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    We do have an official Slack chat, link is at the bottom of the forum on the front page. There is also Gitter chat available in the bottom right
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    hey guis, the Windows Wallet its ok, but my MacOS one never connect and sync, is that some extra configuration to work on Mac? i wait for 20 hours with that open, internet is ok, firewall disabled
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    @RecoStar Yes I had to complete the sign up with my browser and afterwards I could then sign into the slack android app... Thanks
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    @tendermartin I just signed up to Slack with no issues. I take it your trying to sign up via a mobile? Maybe try a different method as it worked for me. The error itself would either be a fault with slack (which would be the slack team, not denarius) or you mobile.