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    Firstly, thanks to everyone on DenariusTalk and the Discord (especially Carsen) who has put up with my persistent questions and helped out with this project over the past few weeks. Hopefully this article will make it all worth it. Over the last month I have learned how to build my own stake box using a Raspberry Pi. Prior to doing this I had no practical knowledge of Raspberry Pi's or Linux whatsoever. It has been a steep learning curve! I looked at lots of different PoS cryptocurrencies and for a number of reasons decided to use Denarius to illustrate the example. While the primary goal is to help an absolute newbie build their own stake box, the guide may also encourage more people to get involved with Denarius, so feel free to share it around. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@nzcrypto/guide-how-to-build-a-cryptocurrency-proof-of-stake-mining-box-for-absolute-newbies
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    Absolutely amazing! Looks like you made it on the front page of /r/cryptocurrency on Reddit, Congratulations!! Upvoted, and Resteemed too!
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    Added before running the script Create SUDO User First Replace username with an actual username such as "denariusrocks" adduser username usermod -aG sudo username su username cd ~
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    @Carsen @buzzkillb For future reference (I plan to help my friend with getting his own wallet sorted) should I follow buzzkillb's updated instructions, or use Carsen's original instructions? Or no matter?
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    I'm having the same problem. Have version wallet.dat. Now have v2.5.2 Tried importing privkeys and wallet and a wallet backup and it errors out code 5 invalid privkey and invalid wallet. Have also tried syncing and replacing wallet.dat with olde one. The wallet goes thru resyncing and zero coin along with new addy. What else can I try?
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    Denarius is taking donations to list on cryptobridge. (1 BTC Total needed.) https://blockchain.info/address/1GgFMs1rTNoZ25eL5eVRy1yvAVeqFJT52N ONLY .46BTC is needed To entice our community to donate we are hosting a 350 DNR giveaway!!! To be eligible to enter, all you have to do is post your TXID of .01BTC of higher here. Once we reach our goal we will randomly select winners: 1st Place: 200 DNR 2nd Place: 100 DNR 3rd Place: 50 DNR
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    Never mind - somehow managed to get it sorted. I ended repeating the QT_SELECT=qt5 step, doing a ‘make clean’ and then following on from there.
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    Updated options to also update to latest precompiled binary wallet.
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    probably missing something here. QT wallet run in debug console masternode start-alias MNDNR