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    You guys asked, you shall receive: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/commit/99c777f5276b45243f1b43216aa140c2d0ece444 The FIRST masternode, darksend, instantx, and spork commit is up now in the "masternodes" branch on the main Denarius Github, the versioning change is to v2.0.0.0 and the protocol versioning and DB versioning change, so only use it on a test machine and for test purposes, there is no GUI currently yet until further testing is done, RPC commands are available. Do not use on a machine with your normal wallet, it will at this point delete the existing chain.
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    If the only thing a coin has going for it is masternodes, then it makes no sense. , but denarius has other things, like encrypted messaging, stealth transactions and low block time.. Also, even though it is a PoS-only coin after a couple of years, supply will not inflate wildly. Yes it does give early adopters a nice payoff.. But that can be said for everything good added to the coin or the ecosystem around the coin. Masternodes accomplishes a few things: It reduces available coin supply (yes this is only a benefit to people already hodling the coin or buys before MNs is released). It encourages people to run stable nodes by giving them a financial incentive to do so, thus making the coin more decentralized (unless everybody hosts in the same datacenter). Because of masternodes being a buzzword in crypto circles, it would bring added awareness to the Denarius project. I too think that Denarius can be big without masternodes, but I fail to see how masternodes would be a bad thing - at worst, things will stay as they are, with an additional feature added to the wallet. Who is the community is a good question indeed. Of course I do not assume that everybody in the DNR community is in the discord and I agree that maybe the rumors of masternodes could have been communicated better. However as far as I know, Carsen has not stated that masternodes WILL be a part of the denarius wallet, he simply stated that it was something he is spending some time on, to see if it can be done. I see the problem that websocket-based chat apps/sites are blocked in coporate networks, so it might be hard to keep up with everything happening. However, on this very site there has been a thread with a poll since July 13th regarding masternodes. It has been annouced in the bitcointalk thread as far as I know and 3/4th of the votes wanted masternodes, so everybody who checked the thread knew that it was a possibility back then, just as it is a possibility now, not a certainty. To be honest I do not see how mining is different from buying a coin. Sure, you do not need the technical skills, but so what? If I mine the coin or if I buy the coin, I can dump it all the same. Actually I personally would probably dump some of it sooner if mining because I have to pay for electricity.. Maybe you are right, maybe masternodes does nothing to benefit Denarius in the long run.. But my question is this: Do you think masternodes would hurt Denarius? Even though we have opposing views, I do really appreciate your input. It is dangerous for a coins community to be inside an echo chamber where everybody hypes each other up.
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    If DNR POW ends after 3 years total, who is going to keep nodes up with the current POS rewards? I think the masternodes encourage the network to be spread out after POW ends. Also when block rewards go from 3 to 4 DNR for a year, that will make it just a little bit easier to mine to get one. Obviously not easy, but possible over time. I have rained/soaked quite a bit in chat, mined this on and off since June, and want at least 1 MN myself. Buy, mine whatever it takes, I want a DNR masternode as Carsen is creating something special here. I still can't believe I am the first to bring this up in the bitcointalk ANN. At least I finally hear a reason some don't want to camp out on discord during the day.
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    Put up some commits today, seems to be with the small amount of testing I have done, it is now staying on the correct chain and no debug log errors thus far. More commits will be coming...
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    Just release the Master Nodes already!!! People are hungry for it!
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    @buzzkillb same here I want a MN. DNR low price tag will be temporary after MN starts and DNR will come into increased demand as block reward increases! @Carsen is one of the most dedicated, supportive and user friendly dev's I have seen on the cyrpto scene that why I believe that DNR will go places!
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    Go look at the price pattern or NEM (XEM). It has gone through 2 variations of Master Nodes. But put that aside, I like Denarius for its transaction times. I think there are a few fundamentally underrated aspects of coins that are not reflected in the price at the moment. The main one being privacy, and behind that transaction times. Bitcoin is choking itself. Carsen is the developer. Apparently he agrees with my earlier view point, but feels he has to follow the community's wishes. I understand that, but who exactly is part of Denarius community? That is a question worth asking and the answer is not simple. Chrysophalix had an interesting point about the Discord channel. A lot of us can't access it during the working day. Why do I raise this? Up until 11-29-2017 I had pointed enough of my hashing power at Yiimp to average about 12% of the entire pool of Tribus hashing. Then that changed right around 12/01/17. I support Denarius. But I also suspect talk of Master Nodes picked up steam right around this time on Discord. Yet the main announcement page on Bitcointalk didn't really mention this until today. I don't think that is fair. Discord does not represent the entire community, in fact I would go so far as to say it leaves out the types of miners and supporters that Denarius should want to attract. The master node discussion should be on bitcointalk. Why? Serious miners or investors follow more than one coin. We've got bitcointalk, reddit, overclock.net to try and keep up with, and then an endless proliferation of slack channels and discord. But back to your main points: If you think you are creating "value" by having people lock up coins, I would say that might work for a while but it won't work long term. "Community" - I don't think Discord covers the Denarius community. Master nodes have always struck me as a ponzi - in the short term, people race to buy or mine enough of the coin to qualify for the MN cutoff number. Then what? If the coin has no basic value proposition, if the developers don't keep working on the coin, people lose interest and start dumping. And master nodes offend me in a different way: you just have to come up with the cash to buy your way into master nodes. You don't have to mine a damn thing or learn how to mine. And I think that is bad for the ecosystem as a whole. You are playing into the hands of rich investors who want to make a quick buck and beyond that, they don't give a damn what coin they hold or sell so long as they make a profit. That strikes me as short-sighted and not good for the long term health of the underlying coin in the long term. I guess my plea is to Carsen: This is your baby, I think it has value on its own and there is no need for Master nodes. I'm speaking out because I don't think the entire community wants master nodes, but that's not a popular position to take. I've supported Denarius from early days by mining it. I am part of Denarius community and this is my view. And no, you won't find me hanging out on Discord. There are only so many hours in the day and maintaining/tweaking miners takes quite a few hours. Thank you for considering this viewpoint.
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    Will make note and maybe see if i add that design to the giveaway
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    i was hoping it was the mine stake trade repeat one... but thats pretty awesome still. hopefully im not a leech. lol!
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    OK GUYS!!! LISTEN UP!!!! According to the graphs put out by Kawaii and I can Haz.. 4k coin for a masternode looks like it locks up about 30% of the coin and returns 137% or something like that (i dont have a photographic memory but you can go back 1 page). ALSO if you look at the rich list, only the top 50 right now can afford a master node and that would be the least we want. Im at 100 on the rich list with a little over 2k. Of course most people will accumulate more so the rich list should increase in average number. RIGHT NOW.. 4k would be where we would want it to get 50-100 to have a masternode. If the rich list changes then higher is fine but we need to be decentralized so having like 5 masternodes owned by 1 person will actually make the coin less stable, not more safe... What say you all? If you think this is a pragmatic number then sharpen your pitchforks and douse your torches in some diesel and lets burn this bitch down!!!
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    Actually on January 14th, Denarius will be 7 months old. ;-)
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    Here is a small graphic that might help you guys decide on which numbers you like. This chart is correct (I hope xD), assuming that every block is a PoW block and that block reward is 3 (it will change to 4 soonish) and that masternodes gets 1/3rd of block reward and that price stays at $0.8 which it most likely will not AND that Carsen does not run any masternodes or put any of his premine into circulation. Let me know if you find any flaws in this and I will correct them. Yes, I realize that the last line says that 101.33% of supply will be locked in masternondes but I included it because we are pretty close to 1,650,000 circulating supply.
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    Oh hi, I just found this in my recent documents, I did it last week for some reason so I might as well stick it here.
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    I am giving away a few shirts before they are released to the public on https://BTFD.SHOP All you have to do is be active in https://denariustalk.org check out some pages, post replies to topics and just overall be engaged. I will take note of who is posting meaningful content and will choose winners! *Currently open to US / Canada Residents. If you are outside those locations and still want the shirt, just cover shipping. (usually about $20-25)
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    *pulls chair up at table next to buzzkillb* "Whatcha eatin' there?"
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    Winner winner denarius dinner!
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    HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS OF THE BTFD.SHOP - DENARIUS SHIRT GIVEAWAY @abusamak_twitter @buzzkillb @cryptopolis @Diemon @KawaiiCrypto @krewshul @johnnycarsonogen @_micca_ @Ragtag Please DM me so we can get your order shipped! I will need to know your shipping info, shirt size and which design you want. If you are outside of our free shipping zone, you will have to cover the shipping costs! (Can be paid in crypto: I.e. DNR) The winners were chosen at random, I went thru the activity log and picked the people with the most activity, the quality of their posts and frequency of post. Compiled a list and drew names from a hat from that list. Congratulations everyone!
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    They are beautiful, good project
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    I will run a few Master Nodes. I'd like to see them rare in a sense as the coin itself will be rare in time to come. 5000 DNR per Master Node makes perfect sense. Its not ridiculously expensive for a MN and not too cheap. Those in early will benefit from the cheaper prices whilst the newcomers/latecomers will need to pay a bit more before the price moves north
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    That's the nicest extension Chrome has
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    UHHH no #CanHAZ... I believe the denarius warriors could make it happen if they wanted
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    awesome tee giveaway!
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    sweet. yeah i didnt even know there a merch shop till last night. good job guys!
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    I'm using Mac OS 10.10.5 I installed current mac wallet on my mac but it keep crashing when I try to open it. anyone using mac wallet successfully?
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    Alright DNR community, lets use this space to discuss everything about the idea of a Denarius Masternode implementation. How many masternodes should there be... what should the price of a MN cost... etc.
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    *puts dunce hat on* I forgot to confirm the transaction via email
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    I really like # 2 and # 3 # 3 stands out and the gold color looks great
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    need to re check lol #4 is in the lead lol
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    You bring up an interesting point, but I feel like MNs do offer positive aspects for the coin. They basically acts like a loyalty program because once you hold the coins to activate a MN you can't dump your coins unless you give up your right to run one. Furthermorethe coin lockup creates more demand for the coin. In essence a 10 million coin supply will be reduced to 4 million with a 60% lockup. Even if someone doesn't have enough to run a MN, the increased demand would be good for them. Finally you have a community that is always looking out for the best interest of the coin. I may be missing something, but it does seem like a win/win.
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    hello all! just another noob to the crypto game. was told about denarius from a friend and realllyyyyyy excited for the future of this coin!!!!!!
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    How about no Master nodes? If we were being honest, it has always appeared to me that Master nodes are a cheap, ponzi-like, mechanism to pump up a coin's value. Sure, gives early adopters a nice pay off. But if that is what drives the price of the coin, it won't last. NEM being a case in point. What, other than a quick payout, does it accomplish? Eth doesn't have master nodes, Monero no master nodes, Zcash no masternodes, they've done swimmingly well based on different value propositions. I think Denarius can make its own way without resorting to Master nodes.
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    I could add Topia, but pricing would be based off Satoshi's and not USD. It is easier for the price ticker to be formatted in USD for size restrictions of the text.
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    lol i think its a matter of the code/api works with the extension n not just us wanting it to happen?! would have to ask carsen on that.. +1 for the warriorz lol
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    its a lovely extension honestly!! and if you right click on it you can edit the refresh rate
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    I clicked the link and it was popped up after i clicked "with checking this box I sign away all rights to denarius and Carsen Klock." It would be nice if we could choose where we pull the api data from. I think I saw its from coinmarketcap or coinexchange.io but cryptopia has the big volume. Super helpful though instead of having to look at my BS blockfolio. DNR FTW again!
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    Thank you for clarifying i thought that was the case as well, but was unsure honestly lol
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    I am in that same ballpark of how much it would be. I think realistically there will be 100-200 MN's in the short term depending on how easy they are to setup. BTW I am running other coin nodes on $22/year VPS's with 1 GB ram. 1 per VPS as I wasn't sure how much ram is required and couldn't get the swapfile to work on these lowendtalk specials.
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    This ticker is working great! i love it! It was way easier to install than i thought too, less than 2 min.
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    @ICanHazCryptocan you resize to half the size and put underneath?
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    I like MN's at 5000 DNR myself. Would like to hear what others think about the number.
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    I am nieve in the topic as i have never owned a masternode. I however see some of my fellow crypto friends always mention the next best masternode to get in on. I feel having a masternode would open us up to a whole new group of potential DNR backers/supporters. As Kawaii said, i feel around the 2-3k mark would be ideal, as the coin grows in popularity that price should still be obtainable to more newer investors! Having the amount above the 5k mark seems a little too far out of reach and might turn some investors away. I feel the pros can outweigh the cons especially for the legal aspect being able to move the server to a country that will support the node, makes sense and is easily achievable. I would love to hear more about this as i am new to the idea, as of now i am still leaning on the side of seeing masternodes being implemented!