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  3. Another source of addnodes. https://explorer.masternodes.online/currencies/D/
  4. We offer advanced bare metal server infrastructure & cheap dedicated servers hosting options in Europe. Reach out to the best VPS Providers across the world.
  5. Coin Explorer also has an addnode list. https://www.coinexplorer.net/D
  6. Thanks to @manosv for the nice little kill cronjob to make sure the daemon isnt crashed out. Make sure you know where your denariusd is located for proper path. crontab -e 25 */1 * * * /usr/local/bin/denariusd stop 26 */1 * * * /usr/bin/killall -q -9 denariusd 27 */1 * * * /usr/local/bin/denariusd
  7. How to use hashaltcoin hosted mining to mine to any pool you want. I am using my Denarius pool as the example. https://mining.cafe If you are buying from hashaltcoin.com here is my invitation code. use this 8VA0IQ for a discount. First, sign up and setup a new rig on https://www.miningrigrentals.com You do not need to rent the hash out, but you can if you want. The default pool list on the hosted hashaltcoin list is very tiny to mine Denarius. Go to My Rigs Select Tribus and Create New Rig. You might not have tribus already, so just select Create New Rig. Use these settings. Custom pool on hashaltcoin only seems to go to the Asia server. Click on the newly created rig. I ended up calling this F1 Miner Example. Click Connection Information tab and take note of what this says. You will end up connecting to the sample site to get your port you will be mining to. In this example we get ccminer -o stratum+tcp://ap-01.miningrigrentals.com:3333 -u username.123456 -p x Next we go to hashaltcoin, login, and go to the My Miners tab and then find your miner and Manage miner Now we add a miner strategy. I already did one, but click the big + sign. Now use this setup, and put your username.123456 from above and x as your password. Click OK and then Change Strategy. Wait a few minutes and go back to miningrigrentals to get your port. Click on GET MY RIG PORT and the port will show up. Go back to hashaltcoin for custom pool setup. Click to My miners and then to My Pools. We are going to Add the below pool with custom port. Click + Add Something like the below. Basically we are putting in a custom port for MRR Asia pool using tribus algo. Now we need to add our custom pool to actually be mining to. I am using my pool https://mining.cafe Go back to miningrigrental site and click Pool Configuration. Click Add a pool. Fill out your pool like this. Go back to hashaltcoin to manage your miner and add a new pool. Fill out your new pool like below. Basically we are using the custom MRR Asia pool we just setup with that new port. Same username.123456 and password of x. Make sure to click OK and then set this as your default pool. Give this a few minutes to connect and go back to miningrigrentals to look at your hashrate. Please spread the hash out on Denarius or any coin you are mining.
  8. Please join louhimo.net pool! https://louhimo.net/
  9. Let the FPGA keep strengthen the DNR network. There are no reasons to hate or afraid FPGAs. Unlike ASICs FPGAs are relatively expensive in preparation for mining, so I doubt you will ever see a sheds full of FPGAs... So let it be... Please... Personally I have only 6 Acorn CLE-215+ ans 2 BCU1525. Am I dangerous for DNR?..
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  11. Because it will just go back to Asics, like the previous thread I posted about LTC, all back into a complete circle. Someone will have an advantage no matter what. As one of those mythical hobby miners. I have 1 GPU rig mining D right now. I did quite well doing this years ago with no cares in the world. Just keep mining however I could. Wish I stayed on BTC with GPU's when everyone said oh you can't do it ASIC's are here. barf. I am for FPGA's as I don't see why all these coins are forking their algo's. Seems like a waste of time better spent on something else.
  12. I don't see how FPGAs solve the power cost difference issue. In 5 years down the line, FPGA miners at home will be complaining they can't complete with farms with lower power costs, or with other home users who nabbed asics. Embracing FPGAs doesn't solve any of the issues, just pushes the same issues down the line another few years, and you'll again have to make the choice whether to put in the work to maintain a low barrier to consensus and to mitigate the threats to it.
  13. Agreed. However, it's not much of a utopian ideal, the botnet. Know it's done plenty for XMR over the years, of course! Fact is, if you want home users to mine in the future, we're all either hoping for another mass spike in the crypto market value, at which point every man and his dog will fire up their RX rigs again, or we'll need 'something' that is actually power efficient. Just as a point of order, I'm mining with a $200 FPGA that hits c.45mhs - less than a 1080ti. Hashrate there isn't doing any damage to GPU profitability - but on power costs GPU has a problem. That problem is not one that is going away - indeed, the further you look into the future, the worse it gets...
  14. You will have miners mining at a loss if your coin is cpu minable. Botnets of cpus from infected call centers, schools, llibraries...ect will externalize all power costs and give zero incentive to ever stop mining to the person controlling it.
  15. Would just like to second the comment above (Vagumera). I've been a GPU miner for several years, but it's no longer viable at my electric prices (UK). My rigs are idle, and FPGAs are the only device I can operate with any margin at all, and I'm not alone in this. The assumption that GPU miners are decentralised is rapidly becoming a false premise - GPU miners are either large farms with bulk, low electric rates, or the often-quoted altruistic 'hobby miner' who knowingly makes a loss on mining their favourite coin. The latter I suspect is largely imaginary, and the former is not decentralised, and only interested in profit - HODLing and supporting the network are anathemas to the large farms. As others have pointed out, the road of forking is littered with failures - MBC is another example, which recently forked to Rainforest algo to shut out ASICS, only to discover a flaw in the new algo was being actively exploited by a private pool that now controls the majority of the hashrate. Prices have tanked, hashrate has reached tremendous figures, and so GPU mining is no longer practical, only weeks after the fork. For the GPU supporters who have chimed in - how much longer will you mine any crypto at a loss? Will you buy new RTX and Vega 7's to built rigs with? Of course not, that would be madness. So what is the medium term future? Greater efficiency and decentralisation, or reliance on GPUs that are no longer operationally viable?
  16. VTC forked away from Lyra2rev2 because both asics and FPGAs were heavily on that algo, to lyra2rev3. There was no network interruption, and that network didn't see a huge return of either piece of hardware yet in a major way. Forking is dangerous, and shouldn't be rushed. Give many weeks of notice. FPGAs are hard to design around, but not impossible, you needn't become impossible to mine with them, just less easy or way harder to do than other coins to take the target off your back in the short term to be able to plan another fork later on in the long term. Yes GPU farms have a power advantage and economy of scale, it is only a matter of time before the same thing happens to FPGAs, and then you're in the same situation as before. I'd actually guess that by the time a home miner can't gpu mine with $0.10, your network has already been invested with FPGAs and/or asics. As soon as your profitability falls below other gpu mined coins, and there isn't any reason to explain it (like much better liquidity causing people to mine at a loss for less risk), then the best explanation is that people are mining on your network using hardware with a much higher hash/watt. If it was a gpu-mined coin primarily then hashrate markets would like zergpool or nicehash and the like would have the bots operating on there arbitraging its mining profitability using rented hashrate until it was in line with other gpu mined coins. The fact that this isn't happening points to fpgas/asics, and it would date back to when the coin first diverged in profitability from other gpu mined coins. You'd have to be an idiot to think gpu farms are on a coin with $600 in daily volume (according to CMC). A single farm (large enough to actually achieve economies of scale to reduce costs)would crash the price to literally zero. Keeping mining on gpus is a hard goal, it will only get harder over time, ask yourself if you're ready for that fight. If its worth it to keep that low barrier to entry to participating in consensus. I didn't vote in the poll, I have no stake in either side, but please carefully consider the what the raw data implies for your specific case and history, not just generalities.
  17. Is it possible to change my vote? I voted against FPGA, Now after reading a lot of the discussions here I actually think it'd be best just to leave FPGAs. If people with GPUs want to compete mining then buy a cheap FPGA. Who are we benefiting by changing the Algo for GPU over FPGA?? Only really a small group that have invested a lot in GPU mining and have a lot of GPU cards. The average person with 1 or 2 GPUs is most likely not mining D anymore because the power cost is too high (I'm one of those). If it's possible for us 'average' joe miner to buy an FPGA and mine D to HODL then maybe that's a better outcome then a select group with huge amounts of GPU.
  18. Honey

    FPGAs or GPUs?

    If you fork, fork to an equal distribution algo. If Carsen/devs can come up with a new way to keep the playing field fair that would be amazing. For those that think adding memory usage inhibits fpgas you are wrong, yes it lowers their lead over gpus but you cannot fork away from fpas. Their effectiveness however can be reduced. Unfortunately a biproduct like progpow is high power usage for all which is a shame imo. Verus 2.0 has a really low power usage, and is a good example of what can be done. Edit: Really the poll options should be no fork, or fork to equal distribution algo. Anything else only buys a short period of time.
  19. @wookie I never said I make a loss, why do you think I've been mining D?!? I have Solar Power so I do make a profit. And I see from my whole comment that was all you took away from it.
  20. wookie

    FPGAs or GPUs?

    @LegionKeign wait, you said D will ultimately be worthless and useless, yet you mine D, with gpus and your FPGAs at a loss and you trade it. 🤷 You sound pretty bullish to me
  21. I keep reading about how FPGA miners to pump and dumps, well so do GPU farms. How are you going to keep them from doing that? Forking D is just setting yourselves up for being just like Burst, ultimately D will be just as useless & worthless. I also might add that the negative attitude by Carsen and crew doesn't help. Being so damn defensive and down-right nasty brings nothing but bad JuuJuu. I mine D with my 1 F1 and my Gpu's. I hodl some and exchange some. Most of us aren't whales out to make a fast buck. JM2C.
  22. I'd just like to clarify the thing about the Verus fork, saying that FPGAs jumped back on their network within weeks is very misleading. It was only easy because FPGAs were allowed back on the network because the algorithm VerusHash 2.0, that Verus designed themselves, was kept from being memory hard consciously to avoid locking out certain types of hardware, especially with FPGAs in mind. It was specifically designed to better equalize hashrates across hardware types while being tailored for CPU inherent architecture for the greatest decentralization and the best of both worlds. It's a very tricky subject, one that they faced months ago and one that looks eerily similar to many conversations popping up all around different discord channels more and more lately. On one hand you have an established group with some diehard community members and on the other hand you have a newer more efficient tech, holding a current advantage and leading the inevitable march of progress. Ultimately, the issue lies in PoWs insatiable and growing appetite for energy and hardware and where this is PoWs very nature, it seems there's no easy solution. I certainly don't know the answer. Verus chose what they hoped would be a balanced approach and where the price is still doing well and CPUs and FPGAs can coexist on one network successfully, I think it is working out well for them so far. So perhaps there is a third option? Whatever way it goes, I wish you all the best. Diversity and cooperation are just a few of the beautiful little bits of this space that seem to make it all worthwhile and when I see a passionate community making democratic decisions, my only hope is that they get to accomplish what it is they set out to do.
  23. Maybe FPGAs are just the new GPUs for mining. If you want to mine then get an FPGA. Why use expensive GPU devices that consume a lot of power when a device that is a quarter of the price and consumes much less power is available. Maybe it's more 'greeny' to use FPGAs, better for the environment. I may consider buying an FPGA and then Hodl, but I know I cannot use a GPU effectively. My only concern about the FPGAs now is miners dumping on the exchanges. But maybe that's just in the short term future. Once Denarius switches to POS or nears the switch over to POS then price would probably recover.
  24. This is a really good point, and a concern on any unnecessary hard forking. I am still looking at Denarius as a Litecoin competitor and the top coins haven't changed their algos, even when LTC said scrypt was Asic resistant. A similar discussion from 2013. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=225620.0 Denarius also has a mechanism using Proof of Stake that can work to take over POW hashrate, which I haven't really seen anyone use to their advantage in this debate.
  25. Another example is LUXcoin; they used the Phi1612 algorithm; FPGA's came on their network, so they tried to fork to a 'new' FPGA resistant algorithm called Phi2. The hard fork was a disaster, the blockchain stopped for 3+ weeks, price tanked, daily volume went to almost nothing. The price and volume never recovered. When they came back online with Phi2, the Blackminer team just reprogrammed their FPGA's and then launched a public Phi2 bitstream and once again FPGA's are on the LUXcoin network, but the hard fork basically killed the coin. So you might ask, was the hard fork worth it for them...?
  26. tardis1

    FPGAs or GPUs?

    Just to finish whitefire's thoughts -- the large gpu farms are no more holders then -- as some assert the Fpga miners are -- I beg to differ but not going to spend hours arguing that one again. So if you want to build a solid network learn from verus, which eventually ended up embracing all forms of mining, or go POS/MN early. Personally, I would go the second route. I too have a smaller gpu farm -- I would not mine D with it as there are more interesting coins for me to mine. I don't actually mine D anymore with the blackminer and won't likely going forward. But there are others that can help this coin going forward. Your decision, but as whitefire says choose wisely. Btw I have a ton of respect for what versus ended up doing and the path forward they chose, it is a coin I actively mine.
  27. Also, we need to keep in mind the 'dangers' of hard forking. Remember what happened last time D was forked a few months ago? It was a bit of a mess and D price more than halved and never really recovered in price. It took a while for the Denarius Blockchain to get sorted out. If D is hard forked then remember Testing, Testing, Testing...you can't do too much testing and Code/peer reviews. Nearly every modern software development shop now have Peer code reviews and separate QA testing. I've been doing this at work in software development for the last 5 years. At first I was apprehensive but it's proven to me to be invaluable.
  28. This has been a very interesting discussion and some great points made. The points brought up by whitefire990 are very good, and the I personally stopped mining Denarius using my GPU due to power costs. I mined about 20 D and had to pay an extra $250 in power bill for the quarter. So unless you have cheap power then D would only get mined as whitefire990 says in some mining GPU farm. I feel due to power that it is out of reach for a lot of people. So maybe FPGA should be allowed to continue. As others have said the POW will end soon-ish in another year and a bit. The question is, can D survive non-hodler FPGA miners dumping on the exchanges?
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