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  2. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Seems mostly resolved now. I think there was a wifi connectivity issue on my end. strike that. Internet outage was just a contributing factor.
  3. I have no affiliation to mynode.rocks. Since we don't hodl the private keys we are also giving up quite a bit to use a shared masternode provider. Use your best judgement on this one. Now onto the guide. https://mynode.rocks/#/masternodes/detail/10 To run your own DNR Masternode, 5000 DNR is required. A shared masternode allows someone with just 10 DNR to share in the Masternode rewards. Please read their descriptions on the site for how this works with deposits and withdraws. Register, confirm email, and relogin. First click Masternodes at the top and then select Denarius [DNR]. Then click the + sign next to Total for our first deposit. You want to send in increments of 10 DNR as that's how much 1 seat costs on the shared Masternode. If you do not have an address already it will ask you to create one. Once created send your DNR over. The process takes 20 confirms total. Once 20 confirms are done, click under In Queue to reserve your seat. Again you need increments of 10 DNR per seat. Add however many seats you want, click save, and wait for the total 5000 DNR to be in the queue for the shared Masternode to be created.
  4. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    There is also litemode now that you can enable on a QT wallet that will disable masternode features, you should see a performance increase. We are aware of the syncing issues though and are working on trying to get them fixed/optimized. You can also grab the latest chaindata.zip from here (usually updated every 6 hours or so): https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip
  5. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    You could try installing the latest wallet Also you can go to 'debug' menu option command line and type in 'repairwallet'. Then close the wallet and reopen and see if that helps. I had the problem you're having yesterday and the above seemed to fix it.
  6. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Hi, My wallet was synced and running fine yesterday, today it seems stuck and wont sync. Going backwards. Currently says 1934 blocks remaining but number is going up. I have tried rebooting, can't seem to get it. V 2.0, win 10. thanks
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  8. Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    congrats d3athgu1s3!
  9. Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    Btw, my time is 642, not 442 ya. Tq.
  10. New Mining Pool (US Based) for Denarius

    DNR not listed on this Pool.
  11. Old wallet after block 640k

    Thanks. I tried doing as you have suggested and my wallet is synced. However the DNR are still missing. If I export the transactions, the total is 169 (which is what it was before block 640k), but wallet is only showing 95 spendable now (0 stake, 0 unconfirmed). Also the wallet UI seems to freeze pretty often for a couple of seconds, not sure if it related to the issue or just how v2+ wallet is.
  12. Old wallet after block 640k

    Delete everything in your Denarius data directory except for your wallet.dat and then grab the latest chaindata.zip from here and extract the folders into the data directory. Current version is v2.0.5.0 (Data Directory Location on Windows: C:/Users/Yourname/AppData/Roaming/Denarius) https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip
  13. Old wallet after block 640k

    I completely missed the news about needing to update wallet to version 2.0.0 (which is only 3 weeks ago and the wallet itself doesn't notify that it is out of date!). I only noticed when my coins and the difficulty seemed to be off and I started researching. I've tried to update my wallet to the latest, but it is having trouble syncing and a considerable number of my DNR are missing. What am I supposed to do to fix it?

    Just depends on when you find/solve a PoS block. Make sure you are on the latest wallet v2.0.5.0
  15. Denarius v2.0.5.0

    Denarius v2.0.5.0 Added Litemode! (Add the litemode=1 flag to your denarius.conf to run your wallet in "Litemode", running your wallet in Litemode prevents your node from processing masternode/darksend/instantx messages.) Running your node in litemode will help with current performance issues with denariusd and the Denarius-QT Running your node in litemode will NOT allow the use of masternode information/services, you cannot run a masternode in litemode! Running a node in litemode will cause the original 33% for block rewards for masternode payments to be burnt if staking or mining via proof of burn to a nonstandard DNR address (e.g. You received a stake of 0.77 DNR (Total PoS Reward was 1 DNR), 33% goes to a random masternode usually ~0.33 DNR, instead, that 0.33 DNR will be burnt to a burn address in litemode) Added 'litemode' flag return to the getinfo rpc command Added Litemode On/Off in the Information Tab in the QT Added checkpoints Added kernel modifier checkpoints Added checks to listunspent rpc command for spent coins (atomic swaps) Added 'masternode' flag information to getinfo rpc command PoS Reward Fix is confirmed working! Started work on UTXO index Get the latest release here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v2.0.5.0

    after what time does the accrual of coins go? I have 22 denarius coin.

    And what about writing username and password?
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  19. Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    looks like we figured out in discord that denarius.name is on +1 hour. Chainz explorer is UTC / GMT + 0 Dont use denarius.name - it mines in your browser Another explorer with UTC https://denariusexplorer.org/block/0000000000104d84e74bf5681cb3a21a15404d85a6804dd6278360a18f33826c
  20. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Thanks, I'll encrypt now. Does the wallet have to be unlocked to be able to do staking??
  21. Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    According to the Denarius explorer 620,000 was at 2018-03-08 01:52:13. http://denarius.name/block/0000000000104d84e74bf5681cb3a21a15404d85a6804dd6278360a18f33826c What explorer will this competition use to decide on the winner?
  22. Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    updated OP Entries closed at block 620,000 2018-03-08 0:52:13 https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dnr/block.dws?0000000000104d84e74bf5681cb3a21a15404d85a6804dd6278360a18f33826c.htm
  23. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Yes it is recommended to encrypt your wallet. You want to use a strong password that you will remember. There is no way to recover an encrypted wallet without the original password. This does secure your wallet, A LOT, as someone could get your wallet.dat and they would still have no access to your funds if the wallet.dat is encrypted.
  24. Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Hi, I noticed an "Encrypt' menu option on the Wallet under the 'Settings' menu option. Is this recommended? If I don't Encrypt the wallet, is the wallet vulnerable? Thanks, Paul
  25. Masternode rewards will start from block 645000 onwards. As of now, it's about block 630000.
  26. How long can we get the masternode payments?I had running the MN about 3days, did not revieved any payments.
  27. Masternode Activation Sweepstake - Win 50DNR

    now its easy
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