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  2. buzzkillb

    [Torrent] DNR chaindata.zip

    Unofficial Chaindata Denarius Block Height 1408424 [D] PoD Hash: DPs31dmJpu4uApx77mgSMvyGbvhaSxtTUw https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR/address/DPs31dmJpu4uApx77mgSMvyGbvhaSxtTUw chaindata.zip.torrent
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  4. buzzkillb

    DNR Masternode Setup - Mainnet - Cold Wallet

    changed stuff sudo apt-get --assume-yes install git unzip build-essential libssl-dev libdb++-dev libboost-all-dev libqrencode-dev libminiupnpc-dev libgmp-dev libevent-dev autogen automake libtool
  5. Denarius [D] v3.1 Mandatory Update/Release! New FMPS (Fair Masternode Payment System) The new FMPS fixes previous/future exploits to Denarius Masternodes Ring Signature Fixes and Updates New Protocol 31000, Old Clients <31000 will no longer connect to the Denarius network after block 1.45 million. This is a mandatory update. Rebranding from DNR to D as our new market ticker. All exchanges, explorers, pools, etc. will need to update their namings/URL for our new ticker. Get the latest release from our master branch on Github or via our releases: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/tag/v3.1
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  7. buzzkillb

    Multisig - QT Wallet

    Work in progress, trying to see exactly how this works as I write this up. If you don't know what you are doing, use tiny amounts to test with. File -> Multisig Create Address Enter the public key for each address to sign. If the address is in your wallet you can select this icon. You can add the other party's address to your address book by adding their address to your watch list. Otherwise you need their public key. In my example I chose 3 addresses from my own address book, and using 2/3 required signatures. Address is now created, also gets labelled multisig in the wallet. Spend Funds Now send a small amount to test to the address created. Check the transaction tab or explorer https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR for transaction ID. After putting the transaction ID in, pick the output with the amount sent, and the redeem script automatically filled in for me. Send to an address and also create a change address for the difference. Click Create, Click Sign and send transaction. I need to test this with someone elses wallet address next.
  8. weaponizedautismbux

    Post All DNR Memes here

    We need a dearnius meme/media package. This is what I have in my computer atm
  9. weaponizedautismbux

    Carsen's Strong

    God is a Denarian From Moscow to Washington To Washington Town The entire Denarius land is attacked the entire land is attacked (REF:) Carsen will lead the Denarian Will lead the Denarian Show them that they are not afraid of anything They are not afraid of anything Bitcoin fascists have woken up Bitcoin fascists, Don't touch our Denarius Our Denarius (REF:) Carsen will lead the Denarian Will lead the Denarian Show them that they are not afraid of anything They are not afraid of anything From the Bitcoin, the wolves are coming The wolves are coming Be afraid, fascists and Bitcoin Fascists and Bitcoin (REF:) Carsen will lead the Denarian Will lead the Denarian Show them that they are not afraid of anything They are not afraid of anything In defense of the Denarius people Defence of the Denarius people We fight, glory to our freedom Glory to our freedom (REF:) Carsen will lead the Denarian Will lead the Denarian Show them that they are not afraid of anything They are not afraid of anything Show them that they are not afraid of anything They are not afraid of anything
  10. weaponizedautismbux

    Carsen's Delije

    Carsen's Delije All for one and one for all, those are the true Delije One is always followed by the others, Carsen’s Tigers Denarius glory they guard, Denarius lands they defend Carsen's Tigers, faultless Delije Carsen's Delije, those are some brave lads Hey, hey, Tigers, Denarius Volunteers They are the true Delije, even the enemies know, Not afraid to give their lives for Denarius Carsen's Delije, those are some brave lads Hey, hey, Tigers, Denarius Volunteers You don’t defend Denarius in a tavern, son Toast to a Delija, who gives his life for you Carsen's Delije, those are some brave lads Hey, hey, Tigers, Denarius Volunteers All for one and one for all, those are the true Delije One is always followed by the others, Carsen's Tigers Denarius!
  11. weaponizedautismbux

    New Track Is Okay to Wagecuck

    Lyrics written by I Can Haz Crypto its okay to wagecuck i dont give a fuck gotta be able to afford that new phone so ur girl can post with that Duck (face) got me laced up sitting behind a screen making mad green gonna buy soi boi an ice cream when i get paid but first gotta take one for the team get ass raped and reamed so soi can sit there n gleam ya know what i mean!? DNR Donation address: DBBSDDN9kL4UC5Pkj11c8Pp2BKdAmU9NtD is okay to wagecuck.m4a
  12. An easy way to monitor your masternodes. First go here -> https://masternodes.online/ Click Monitoring Generate new seed number, and copy this down somewhere for future logins. Login with this seed to start adding masternodes to monitor. Enter your public address and click search. Enter a description and click Add to monitoring. You are now monitoring your masternode, add moar!
  13. buzzkillb

    Help!!!!! My Wallet stopped syncing

    Fine not block 1, block 0. The wallet can sync from block 0 with no addnodes just fine. I have done this a few times over the last couple of weeks.
  14. buck54321

    Help!!!!! My Wallet stopped syncing

    Not exactly sure what you're saying. Do you mean that if I just get the first block from somebody, the rest will sync up fine? Why can't I just get the first block by running a node, like every other blockchain?
  15. Another easy way to track your masternode status besides checking your wallet or vps debug.log or running masternode status to see if you have status=9 is to check the block explorer. Go to https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR Enter your address and click the star. Then click watchlist to see your addresses you are watching. If your masternode is running you should see a green checkmark. Give coinexplorer time to see your masternode address with a crown. Also I would give your newly started masternode about 8 hours with a green checkmark to verify its still working.
  16. buzzkillb

    [Torrent] DNR chaindata.zip

    Link to Torrent Download of chaindata.zip (please seed if you can) chaindata.zip.torrent Proof of Data Hash to verify this matches current chaindata.zip located here https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR/address/D65g2uzJaN8k4P6VaQLMP1cVf4Z5qYwteG How to use chaindata
  17. DENARIUS V3 IS HERE! This is a MANDATORY UPDATE and EVERYONE must UPDATE BEFORE BLOCK 1.35 MILLION! Denarius v3.0.0 - MANDATORY UPDATE - Lowered Proof of Data fee to 0.001 DNR per PoD submission, also added the ability to add a 24 character narration with your PoD submission. - Added the RPC command masternode list full to display an array of all masternodes on the network and information about them - Added the RPC command getblockheader "hash" - Added the RPC command senddnrtoanon, sendanontoanon, sendanontodnr, estimateanonfee, txnreport, anoninfo, and anonoutputs - Any references to Darksend are now referred to as Fortuna, Darksend no longer functions as usual, Ring Sigs have taken its place as our go to privacy feature - Added Native Tor Optional Support (Start Denarius with the nativetor=1 flag to run with Native Tor with OBFS), Denarius now requires the libevent dependency to be built. (For those running a Ubuntu daemon, simply run ``` sudo apt-get install libevent-dev ``` to be able to compile Denarius) - Added Ring Signatures, supporting anon txs after block 1.35 million and with protocol 30000, minimum Ring Signature Size supported will be 5, Recommended 16 - Fixed the known Hybrid Masternode exploit, the exploit fix patch goes live on block 1.35 million, ensure all your nodes are updated to v3.0.0 before block 1.35m! - Denarius's Protocol is now 30000, after block 1.35 million, older protocol clients will no longer connect to the network - Updated Splash Screen - Lots of miscellaneous updates and improvements to Denarius Get it here: https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases You can git pull in your current cloned repo of Denarius to pull the newly updated "master" branch to recompile and update! EVERYONE MUST UPDATE ASAP BEFORE BLOCK 1.35 MILLION, ALL NODES AND WALLETS MUST UPDATE, THIS INCLUDES ALL MINING POOLS, MASTERNODES, NODES, EXPLORERS, SPV SERVERS, and NORMAL WALLETS.
  18. buzzkillb

    Help!!!!! My Wallet stopped syncing

    The wallet can sync from block 1 though.
  19. buck54321

    Help!!!!! My Wallet stopped syncing

    I am having the same problem. I would really like to support Denarius, but if you can't sync a blockchain with peers, then you don't have a blockchain. This needs to be addressed immediately, and you should not be asking people to download your stored version of the blockchain.
  20. buzzkillb

    DNR Masternode Setup - Mainnet - Cold Wallet

    To get the binary just do this for whatever the latest version is and . wget https://github.com/carsenk/denarius/releases/download/v2.5.2/denariusd- and sudo tar -xvf denariusd- -C /usr/local/bin sudo mv /usr/local/bin/denariusd- /usr/local/bin/denariusd rm denariusd- Then you can run denariusd from wherever.
  21. weaponizedautismbux

    New Denarius Track--Masternode

    Lyrics written by Crouton “Denarius denarius denarius. While you were buying I was planning. You had a masternode but I had a master plan. You were buying at 5. I had money in the hand. Told y’all 10 cents but yall didn’t listen! Now y’all fucked and it’s no forgiving. Soi buying and you crying. Next time listen. Soiboi records “ donation address DEo1EXQvoEa5GC6mu7QrCZQhGQei1qZkZ3 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JwUTSO8z1P0FZ2yUUZkJrspXEwh9H-V0 masterplan.m4a
  22. miked

    Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Allright I was able to use this https://denariustalk.org/index.php?/topic/88-assertion-failed/ to resolve my issue in Windows - wallet is now syncing I will report back once its done...
  23. miked

    Denarius(DNR) Wallet

    Guys I'm in trouble here, can you please help? I can't access my wallet on a Windows10 PC anymore, it just stopped working yesterday, don't remember making any system changes in this period that would explain this - screenshot attached. As a work-around, I've tried re-downloading the latest version, to no avail, it's always the same message. I've shut down avast because it was screaming "malware" with 2.5.2 wallet. Also did not help. Any ideas please? As a separate note, I can't compile QT wallet on Ubuntu 17.10 either - I'm following Carsen's 18.04 instruction to the letter and stuck on: [email protected]:~/denariusrepo$ qmake "USE_UPNP=1" "USE_QRCODE=1" OPENSSL_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/ssl/include OPENSSL_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/ssl/lib denarius-qt.pro qmake: could not find a Qt installation of '' So I'm currently walletless - please help. Thanks.
  24. How to use the Split UTXO in the QT Wallet First turn on coin control so you can send from specific inputs. My current goal is instead of staking with 500 addresses, to stake with 500 inputs on a single address. Select what inputs or addresses you want to send from. In this case I have a large single input I want to spread out. Specifiy the address that exists in your QT wallet to send to. Checkmark Split UTXO. And type how many inputs you want to spread out to. After that, right click the after fee amount and paste into send amount. Wait for the transaction to have 10 confirms and you are done. Use https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR to check your address, then click See Address Unspent Outputs to see your new inputs getting ready to stake.
  25. buzzkillb

    denarius.conf file doesn't exsist?

    Try this https://denariustalk.org/index.php?/topic/205-how-to-create-denariusconf-windows-10/
  26. drcopperfield

    DNR Masternode Setup - Mainnet - Cold Wallet

    Great guide, thanks @buzzkillb!
  27. I can not figure it out everything i do doesnt work i dont get it please someone help me out.. i creat a denarius.conf and then when iclick on it under tools it shows denarius.conf file doesnt exist..
  28. buzzkillb

    How to Check Staking Weights

    How to check staking weights and use the QT Staking Tab. First we can look at the staking tab. Finding an address that is mature which is green. Multiple inputs on the same address that are mature will show multiple transactions on the left side. This has basic stats, but what if we want some more rough estimations? Go to https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR and type your address in. Any address with DNR will work for this. Click See Address Unspent Outputs. Now we can see a rough estimate when the staking will hit. As another example I just sent some DNR to this address and its not mature yet, but I can still get a rough time when these inputs will stake.
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