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  2. Denarius Giveaway #2!

    Sorry, but I posted a while ago, but never received any DNR. My wallet: DU1X2NzrZscPaqivAXNtgirVCEtM8x7LFQ Thanks
  3. Debug window shows "On testnet"

    Ooops, this will be fixed in the next update It has a checkbox to the right of it that is checked if you are using the testnet, if you are on the mainnet is remains unchecked. This will be revised to be something more appropriate.
  4. Progress Update: 08-18-2017 Thanks to @Carsen, @buzzkillb and @KawaiiCrypto, I have been able to test transactions being performed and received for purchases. As it stands, the code can look for payments that are listed with a note as a sort of key, enabling verified but not tracked transfers. The GitHub repo posted in the second reply has gotten a new commit. Next step tomorrow is to make a demo app and add the PHP script filter between the wallet and the application. The API is making progress guys! I'm excited for what is gonna come!
  5. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    thank you for the reply, I don't want to chance on the security so I won't do that. but I do have a wallet on both computers but now if I try to solo on one of them it just says wrong user and password or wrong authentication. I have the same user is to denariususer on config and .bat file and password matches on both as well, does anyone else know what could be wrong?
  6. Freewallet.org

  7. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    A simple method is just set your wallet/daemon config to allow connections from other computers in your local network: rpcallowip=192.168.1.* Change 192.168.1.* to your local network ip address wildcard. Yours could be 192.168.0.*. Run ifconfig in terminal to see your local network ip. Or, ipconfig if you're on Windows. And point your miners to your wallet/daemon ip. But you will also open up a security hole in your wallet/daemon computer by setting rpcallowip=192.168.1.*.
  8. Denarius(DNR) Mining

    Is there a way to solo mine with 1 wallet but on 2 different computers?
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  10. Denarius Giveaway #2!

    Why do i miss everything i hope u will ban all those fake suckers , also hope i am not too late with this post DEijxAZMrc5Mht1wmjQ1zsFgirm2hqe6bz
  11. If you want any help with your project, I'd be happy to help! soon I'll have my own online wallet for DNR.
  12. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  13. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  14. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  15. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  16. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  17. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  18. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  19. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  20. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  21. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  22. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  23. Denarius Giveaway #2!

  24. Denarius Giveaway #2!

    Hi to all! My wallet: D8j2CdwSJsGgKcQ4b1pQ6KN55FnNkYdZPK Thanks in advance!
  25. Inform Venezuelan Miners?

    I see it more as a way for them to get bread without having to stack up a crapload of cash - like Zimbabwe. It's a matter of them having the alternative asset to use instead of their now basically worthless cash. Atm they are mining Bitcoin and Eth at low amounts with CPUs and GPUs, and converting that crypto into fiat to buy their food and supplement their income. I'm suggesting a suggestion that they do away with the bolivar and stick to a form of crypto, since their money is worth less than many cryptos currently, and the reason I mentioned DNRs stealth aspects is cos, ideally, "the man" wouldn't know too much about it. The people didn't get themselves into this mess, their government did. To answer about how average joes get DNR - through trade? If the first miner in Venezuela to mine DNR ends up with like 1000 or something hypothetical... he still has to feed his family, so he's now willing to trade some of that DNR to someone who doesn't mine... but has food. Now he has 800, but keeps mining, and the shopkeeper has 200 to work with. The shopkeeper needs beer so he gives someone 100 DNR for beer and so on and so on. This is the basic idea of any finite currency isn't it? That it gets spread around through the buying and selling of goods and services? Once scarcity increases so does price, or not? Like gold, the people who own it aren't ONLY those who dig it up. Obviously this system only works if other people are also willing to accept it as a currency or of having intrinsic value (like a food value). I get what you mean by the markets, but a market can be anywhere and involve nearly anything and you don't really need the government to accept it, if everyone on earth decided tomorrow that shiny shells were valuable (for whatever reason)... people without them are suddenly broke. Like I said, it's a suggestion. I see cryptos as a way to institute a full global financial revoloution. Obviously many will fail, but I can see DNR making it a good distance The main reason I thought of this, is that with my crappy GPU setup it's more profitable for me to mine DNR atm than Bitcoin (same with lots of altcoins of course... but I like DNR)
  26. Inform Venezuelan Miners?

    "giving them a crypto alternative to use (that just so happens to sound like "Dinero") could quite literally liberate them, no?" And how exactly can we make the Venezuela's government accept DNR as an alternative currency? Except you know Maduro, then we are set to go mate haha Trust me, crypto inflation can be more than a fiat currency's one. This game is a full gamble, you can invest in something that can make you millionaire in short term, but with the same possibilities you can get broke from this. " If they are mining it to use as currency, rather than mining it to turn into another currency, the value will only increase surely?" No, the price only increases if a currency,metal, etc has more buy orders than sell orders in Exchanges (ONLY). I'm a miner, imagine that I give you the mined DNRs and you give me silver . The pair Denarius/Silver (and reverse) remains untouched, since this trade is between us (or between everyday people). The key here is the Exchanges , which are the ones setting the price. All Venezuela's citizens are not miners, so what is going to happen to those who don't mine it? They need to get DNRs somehow. Here there are two options: a) buy DNR from a miner or b) buy DNR from an Exchange. In a) the price remains unchanged , while in b) the price will go to moon (supposing the 90% of the citizens go to Exchanges and buy DNR to use it as their main currency). That's how the value will only increase surely. It's very early for the Community to think of ways to tell president Maduro about DNR (haha), for now just mine it and hold it, because sooner or later due to its low total supply one DNR may have a fair enough value , regarding its features.
  27. Denarius Giveaway #2!

    tnks my wallet DJHHhhBHJHnVZYjNi9n1Z28MkuEXWALHyg
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