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  2. Are you wondering how to stake faster, in your DNR QT Wallet? Right now this is mainly to increase staking extraction blocks. Required: Spreadsheet Software like Excel Notepad++ Denarius QT Wallet Some DNR whether its large or small. First backup your wallet.dat. Now fully unlock the wallet to make this faster. Then create addresses, you will want 500, don't count, just click, push enter many times over and over again. Make an address and give it a label. We will be sending the entire balance to this one address. I labelled mine armageddon. Now send the entire balance to this address. Next with your new 500 or less addresses, go to the receive coins tab, and then File -> Export. This will export a .csv file somewhere, make note as we need to open that next. Copy the column with addresses, should be 500. From there we open a new notepad++ text file and paste the column in. In notepad++ we should have 1 single column of addresses. On line 1, click at the very first area on the left. Push ALT-C. Text to Insert will be a ". Click OK and this will put quotes down the left side. Now if your balance is 5000 DNR with 500 addresses we want to distribute 10 DNR to each address. Do some quick math here on your balance and number of addresses. Click, at the end of line 1, and push ALT-C. Text to insert will be ":10, ":10, CTRL-A to highlight everything and copy with CTRL-C. Now you have a text file in proper format, sample here "WALLETADDRESS":10, Go back into the QT Wallet to Help -> Debug Window -> Console. This is a short sample of what to type into the console window. sendmany "armageddon" '{"WALLETADDRESS1":10,WALLETADDRESS2":10}' The line will be long, and you may end up with a , at the end. Make sure to delete the last comma before the }. Push enter, it will distribute your balance to each address and give you a transaction number. Wait 8 hours for coins to mature and get to staking much more with this little trick. I don't think this works with other coins as DNR has a slightly different POS system. Also there seems to be a limit of 500 addresses for sendmany. And you can't do this twice to make 1000 addresses on the same wallet. Block Explorer https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR
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  4. drcopperfield

    What do you want to see?

    While doing I recent review of lots of PoS coins, I came across a few interesting features from other coins which I think would be great to get implemented with DNR, but would be interested to see what you all think. Here's a just a couple of ideas: 1. Masternodes made easy - We all know MNs are tricky to set up. They are near impossible to set up for those without a bit of computer knowledge. It would be great if Denarius developed a MN which could be set up just by downloading an application and installing. Alternatively (but possibly more difficult), would be the sale of Secure Home Nodes which can be plugged in at home and let to run a MN without much set up difficulty. See Bulwarks: https://bulwarkcrypto.com/secure-home-node/ 2. PoS lottery blocks - I also took this from Divi coin. Every week (or fortnight, or month) one user who holds over a certain quantity of DNR and stakes them will win a 'lottery block', which holds a significant quantity of DNR (could be a masternodes worth for example). Denarius is great, super fast and excellent for transactions- but having something new which will entice investors will benefit us all.
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  6. @Carsen thanks again for all of your help!
  7. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    You can use either or, you just want to make sure you are using/installing QT5 and not QT4, everything else should be practically the same.
  8. Absolutely amazing! Looks like you made it on the front page of /r/cryptocurrency on Reddit, Congratulations!! Upvoted, and Resteemed too!
  9. Firstly, thanks to everyone on DenariusTalk and the Discord (especially Carsen) who has put up with my persistent questions and helped out with this project over the past few weeks. Hopefully this article will make it all worth it. Over the last month I have learned how to build my own stake box using a Raspberry Pi. Prior to doing this I had no practical knowledge of Raspberry Pi's or Linux whatsoever. It has been a steep learning curve! I looked at lots of different PoS cryptocurrencies and for a number of reasons decided to use Denarius to illustrate the example. While the primary goal is to help an absolute newbie build their own stake box, the guide may also encourage more people to get involved with Denarius, so feel free to share it around. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@nzcrypto/guide-how-to-build-a-cryptocurrency-proof-of-stake-mining-box-for-absolute-newbies
  10. buzzkillb

    DNR Masternode Setup - Hot/Cold Menu Script

    Added before running the script Create SUDO User First Replace username with an actual username such as "denariusrocks" adduser username usermod -aG sudo username su username cd ~
  11. drcopperfield

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    @Carsen @buzzkillb For future reference (I plan to help my friend with getting his own wallet sorted) should I follow buzzkillb's updated instructions, or use Carsen's original instructions? Or no matter?
  12. Carsen

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    Great! Glad you got it sorted! Haha it is always the small things lol
  13. Carsen

    Old wallet after block 640k

    You could try importing your privkeys into the Coinomi app on Android or iOS. You can also run the commands in your native Denarius QT wallet: repairwallet scanforalltxns
  14. GKarB5

    Old wallet after block 640k

    I'm having the same problem. Have version wallet.dat. Now have v2.5.2 Tried importing privkeys and wallet and a wallet backup and it errors out code 5 invalid privkey and invalid wallet. Have also tried syncing and replacing wallet.dat with olde one. The wallet goes thru resyncing and zero coin along with new addy. What else can I try?
  15. ICanHazCrypto

    WIN 200 DNR

    Denarius is taking donations to list on cryptobridge. (1 BTC Total needed.) https://blockchain.info/address/1GgFMs1rTNoZ25eL5eVRy1yvAVeqFJT52N ONLY .46BTC is needed To entice our community to donate we are hosting a 350 DNR giveaway!!! To be eligible to enter, all you have to do is post your TXID of .01BTC of higher here. Once we reach our goal we will randomly select winners: 1st Place: 200 DNR 2nd Place: 100 DNR 3rd Place: 50 DNR
  16. drcopperfield

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    Never mind - somehow managed to get it sorted. I ended repeating the QT_SELECT=qt5 step, doing a ‘make clean’ and then following on from there.
  17. drcopperfield

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    Carsen, I managed to successfully install denariusd on raspbian stretch, but after failing to get QT wallet working I decided to try on Ubuntu MATE. I keep receiving this error regarding QScroller. Any ideas? fatal error: QScroller: No such file or directory compilation terminated. Makefile:4299: recipe for target 'build/masternodemanager.o' failed make: *** [build/masternodemanager.o] Error 1
  18. Did you solve this error? I am receiving the same one: QScroller not found
  19. ehri


    It just mooned you.
  20. How to setup a NOMP mining pool for Denarius. This is a basic guide to get someone headed in the right direction to getting a pool to work. I can run 2 coins on a $5 Vultr VPS with small hashrate, so far. Update Ubuntu 16.04 apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade Create a swap file dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/myswap.swap bs=1M count=4000 mkswap /mnt/myswap.swap swapon /mnt/myswap.swap Create swap file to keep this persistent nano /etc/fstab Insert at the bottom of the file /mnt/myswap.swap none swap sw 0 0 Install required packages apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev autoconf pkg-config libssl-dev apt-get install libboost-all-dev git npm nodejs nodejs-legacy libminiupnpc-dev redis-server add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin apt-get update apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.16.1/install.sh | sh source ~/.profile nvm install 0.10.25 nvm use 0.10.25 Make a new user since you aren't going to use root for this. dduser usernameyourwant Give new user sudo access adduser usernameyousetup sudo Reboot and login as the new user reboot Denarius Wallet Daemon Setup Get dependencies apt-get --assume-yes install git unzip build-essential libssl-dev libdb++-dev libboost-all-dev libcrypto++-dev libqrencode-dev libminiupnpc-dev libgmp-dev libgmp3-dev autoconf libevent-dev autogen automake libtool Download precompiled wallet and move to /usr/local/bin/denariusd wget https://hashbag.cc/denariusd- tar -xvf denariusd- -C /usr/local/bin mv /usr/local/bin/denariusd- /usr/local/bin/denariusd rm denariusd- Get chaindata and extract to .denarius folder apt-get -y install unzip cd ~/.denarius rm -rf database txleveldb smsgDB wget https://gitlab.com/denarius/chaindata/raw/master/chaindata.zip unzip chaindata.zip Edit denarius.conf nano ~/.denarius/denarius.conf Insert this into denarius.conf rpcuser=denariusrpc rpcpassword=USERANDOMPASSWORDHERE!!! gen=0 server=1 listen=1 maxconnections=100 port=9999 rpcallowip= rpcport=32339 daemon=1 staking=0 Run the wallet so its syncing while you do this sudo denariusd --daemon Get a DNR address so the pool has a wallet. Save this address for a step below. Address goes into pool_configs/denarius.json eventually. denariusd getnewaddress Mining Pool Setup cd git clone https://github.com/zPools/node-open-mining-portal.git nomp cd nomp sudo npm update You want to create a config.json in the main nomp directory. Replace your IP address and take note of changing port 8080 to some random port. Sample config.json https://pastebin.com/JFp5ZKq6 Create the Coin denarius.json under nomp/coins Sample denarius.json https://pastebin.com/XjiXVLCM Create the pool config for denarius under nomp/pool_configs. Replace DNRPOOLWALLETDAEMONADDRESS with address used from Denarius wallet daemon getnewaddress from above. Change DNRFEEPAYMENTADDRESS to your fee payment address and 1.0 is 1% fee. Use RPC user and pass that you have in your denarius.conf. Change ports and difficulty for your needs. Sample denarius.json https://pastebin.com/23F9Cfwq Starting the pool. cd cd nomp node init.js Now go your your IPADDRESS:PORT in your web browser and get to mining on your pool. I also disabled root access, password logins and only allow SSH key login to the new user.
  21. buzzkillb

    PoD - Proof of Data [DNR]

    If you download the attached .GIF file and create timestamp, you should get this same address. https://www.coinexplorer.net/DNR/address/DPNrLaRbpgLPMTMLv72Yy3MLpsjNd7jyEW
  22. buzzkillb

    PoD - Proof of Data [DNR]

    Guide to using Proof of Data. A powerful way to pay a small amount of DNR to hash your .JPG, .PDF, .GIF, any file basically on the Denarius blockchain with a timestamp.
  23. drcopperfield

    Building denariusd on Raspberry Pi 3

    Also I am using Raspbian stretch on a Pi 3+
  24. buzzkillb

    Animations For Everyone to Use

    All my brain sees is rain right now.
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